Music Review: Meet The Moon City Masters

The Moon City Masters sound and style is the ultimate 70’s comeback. With retro graphics, long hair and classic rock sound, they’re sure to remind listeners of one of the best eras in music. The Moon City Masters can be compared to the sound of music icons such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doobie Brothers, Led Zeppelin, and many more. The mixes the classic groove and funk with a modern twist.

Band of Brothers

Not only are the two front men of the band brothers, better yet, they’re twins!  Jordan and Talor Steinberg bring double the striking vocals and musical talent. Inspired by a Red Hot Chili Pepper’s concert at age 12, the young boy’s lives changed forever. Thanks to a family that appreciated the golden era of classic rock, the twins were exposed to some of the best artists at a young age. The boys received support of their parents, and Jordan and Talor were able to jump into their passions early on. Loud House Media was able to get in touch with the band, and receive an interview with vocalist and bass player, Talor. 

Upon their recent success, The Moon City Masters truly took off during the pandemic. Through consistent social media usage, the band gained some major traction. The more the band released their original work, the more the audience grew. Though the band was heartbroken that live shows were at a halt, they managed to create a connection through any social media outlet they could. With a greater following, the band gained access to better opportunities. Talor states,

“You got to take that time to reinvent and be smart, sometimes limitations are a good thing.”  

In addition to their talent, The Moon City Master’s distinctive branding is a major key to their success. The colorful and dynamic art style can be attributed to Talor’s partner, Maris. With beautiful attention to detail, vintage elements and bursts of color, it’s clear to see how this band’s style has made them stand out. Talor jokes, “I want to get a shirt that says come for the music, stay for the aesthetic.”  This is a key point in the industry, as one’s brand is vital to success.

Popular Hits

“Takin’ it Back”

As their most popular hit to date, “Takin’ it Back,” packs a punch from the first few seconds. The song begins with a punch of groovy guitar and memorable riff. Followed by both Jordan and Talor’s soaring vocals, this song is sure to hype up a crowd. Each and every element of this work blend perfectly with one another, and there is not one of aspect of this song that outshines another. Rather, the band as a whole is able to shine through each instrument and powerful lyric.

“Where You Wanna Run To”

This is Talor’s favorite piece where he sings lead. The sci-fi influenced story within this song is illustrated in the extra-terrestrial cover. As their artwork never fails to fascinate, this song in particular takes listeners into a fantasy land. Written during the height of quarantine, this song radiates feelings of escapism. Yet, it takes a refreshing positive take on the otherwise unfortunate state the world was in. Talor admires Jordan’s writing abilities especially in this work, saying, “I think he was just fantasizing about being with his girlfriend and escaping…A lot of his lyrics are imagery, and I just love his lyrics.”

Newest Single-“Spinning Wheels”

The Moon City Master’s latest single, “Spinning Wheels”, is an explosion of sound. The memorable melody and blasting vocals are powerful, yet catchy. When asked about diving deeper into the meaning behind this work, Talor revealed that Jordan is, again, quite the lyricist. This work takes inspiration from the hardships of the pandemic, and focuses on taking advantage of the moment.

Taking the Tour

The band has a lot of exciting adventures ahead.  Some of the bands future plans include opening for famous guitarist Jared James Nichols in New York at the end of October. In addition, the European tour has been in the works since 2020, even before the pandemic! As this was a long time coming, The Moon City Masters highly anticipate playing in France, Spain, Germany, and many more.

In the future, the band dreams of making an album. The storytelling one can create through a complete album is the kind of work The Moon City Masters are striving to create. Currently, the band plans on releasing a bonus single and even a compilation album this coming November. Fortunately, fans can look forward to a brand new album next spring! Talor reveals, “We have all this new music, and we feel like the new stuff we are going for is the next level. We don’t want to just do singles, and we want people to have a full story.”

The future holds many opportunities for this up and coming band. Their classic rock elements still maintain originality and authenticity of their own unique talents. With fans across generations, The Moon City Masters are bound to be adored for years to come.

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