Music Review: Isaiah Grass

Isaiah Grass

American Idol
Isaiah Grass gained international recognition from his audition on American Idol. He performed “Take On Me” by A-ha which caught the attention of judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. They stood up and sang along with him and stated he is destined to succeed in his future endeavors. Two years later after that experience, the Chicago-based singer-songwriter continues his road to stardom. Recently, he performed the National Anthem for the Chicago White Sox, skydived with the U.S Army (Golden Knights), and his music is featured on 10+ TV networks, and several radio stations. He gained over 250k followers worldwide, 1.5 million website visits, and has been ranked No.1 on the Chicago ReverbNation Pop Charts. As an ambassador and collaborator for multiple non-profit organizations, Isaiah uses his music to raise money for charity. He has worked with The Salvation Army, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Lurie’s Children’s Hospitals, etc.
Latest Songs For Charity

Isaiah’s recent singles have been collaborations with non-profits to help raise money for cancer and raise awareness for mental health. In 2020 Grass was asked to collaborate with Music Beats Cancer. As of now, Isaiah and the organization now promote, “Wherever You Are” on their websites. There are many interpretations of this song. For example, one fan told Isaiah that she plays his song at her husband’s grave. Another fan told Isaiah that the song helps him battle his depression. Ultimately, the song encourages people to continue to push forward against the struggles in life. Grass believes, “a simple act of kindness can make a difference, so please spread love ‘wherever you are.’”

As an ambassador for the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) Isaiah wants to raise awareness for mental health. His most recent release (May 10, 2022) is titled “I Need You.” The song discusses quote, “the hidden depression that people do not talk about.” Isaiah reminds us to say “I Need You” to someone we love and need a helping hand from.

What’s Next
With artists now able to perform live after the pandemic, we are eager to know what we can expect from Isaiah. When asked where he sees himself in the future, he wants to continue creating music, entertain, help others, and collaborate with brands. What we can see next musically from Isaiah Grass will be, “Christmas with You” a song he wrote to raise money for The Salvation Army and children’s hospitals. He is currently back in the recording studio, and will be performing live his new music very soon! Finally, Isaiah encourages his fans to “Never give up on their dreams and hold compassion for others, because you know what someone is dealing with.”
We are grateful to have Isaiah Grass promote the importance of mental health through his music and platform. We thank you for your wisdom and continue to look forward to your success!
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