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Come explore the best in new music podcast! We focus on tips and tricks in the industry, all for free!

At Music Addict, we believe that everyone should have the knowledge to succeed. Anyone who loves making music and is looking for the best advice on how to make it in the music industry will enjoy the informative, yet upbeat, Music Addict podcast.

Our guests include singers, songwriters, producers, and others involved in the industry about their successes and challenges. The podcast covers topics related to music and musicians, with exclusive interviews, music history, music creation insight, and the music industry today. 

The Music Addict podcast is a must listen for music industry professionals and fans alike!

Our Episodes

          Episode #1: Michael Matthews

Music Addict Podcast Show 1: Michael Matthews

Episode #2: Robert Eibach

Music Addict Podcast Show 2: Robert Eibach

Episode #3: Joel Hoekstra

Music Addict Podcast Show 3: Guest Joel Hoekstra

                                                 Episode #4: Griffin Tucker

Music Addict Podcast show 4: Griffin Tucker

                                             Episode #5: Tommi Aura

Music Addict Podcast Show 5: Tommi Aura


                                                   Episode 6 When the Sun Sets

Music Addict Podcast Show 6: When the Sun Sets

                                                  Episode 7 Aradia

Music Addict Podcast Show 7: Aradia


                                                Episode 8 Francesa Tarantino