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Jagger, a name one relates to the golden age of music resonates perfectly with this new artist’s style. Jagger manages to mix the best of the 70’s with a contemporary feel. Her style is insightful and relatable, and doesn’t shy away from blending various genres of music. This allows her work to be especially unique, and Loud House Media was lucky enough to get to know this up and coming artist.

Behind the Name

Finding her true identity through music, Jagger had many influences. When it comes to pursuing this path, many big named artists inspired her along the way. Not only does she feel the most free when performing, but Jagger was ultimately moved by Mick Jaggers memorable stage presence. His art of performance captivated her into creating an idealized version of herself. Jagger reveals, “I could dress differently, talk to the audience, and be vulnerable when I was on stage. I feel like Jagger is my alter-ego in a way. It captures the way I can be when I’m performing.”

In addition, Lady Gaga still manages to be a role model for Jagger. She never doubted belonging in the music world, and with the help of Lady Gaga’s work, Jagger found confidence outside her otherwise shy nature. Jagger explains, “She (Gaga) has always been extremely authentic, bold, and influential. What inspires me about her is her originality and artistry. Growing up, her music got me started and influenced my music taste as time went on.” 

An Unbelievable Voice

Perhaps the most iconic aspect of Jagger’s work is her incredible raw talent. Smooth and sultry, her voice is bound to send immediate chills down any listener’s spine. Her warm and vintage sound is not only captivating, but her control is extremely impressive. Some of her best works so far is her major hit, “I Go Crazy,” that has gotten her recognized on not only international music magazine Nagamag, but it made it’s way to the radio as well. Also, she showcases her voice in various gigs to help build her name. Recently, this jazzy cover was released, completely revealing Jagger’s most authentic voice. It’s clear to see here that she is, in fact, a remarkable talent.

“I Go Crazy”

This work is her most popular work so far, and for good reason. The song’s build and catchy beat flow perfectly into the memorable hook. The lyrics follow the feelings of codependency within relationships. The song blends the solemn lyrics beautifully with an upbeat sound, capturing the dichotomy of love in an unstable relationship perfectly.

Jagger opened up, and was vulnerable in describing the themes behind her most loved hit, “Essentially, “I Go Crazy” is about feeling insecure in a relationship and constantly not knowing how the other person is feeling. I, personally, get attached to people easily and am pretty emotional in general so I really connect with the lyric “I go crazy with or without you”. This song is for anyone who always feels like they’re trying to convince someone to stay to the point where it’s draining to be with them, but also unimaginable to lose them.”

Furthermore, Jagger takes time and special attention to the emotional roots that help write her songs. She feels she writes best upon some reflection, and explains her writing process as sporadic bursts of creativity. Jagger states, “Inspiration always comes at the most random moments; I could be standing in line at a store and think of a song lyric.”  It’s moments like these that helped create this masterpiece of a song. Jagger describes her proudest moment of her career so far to be making it on 101.9 The Mix. She described, “There were so many artists playing who’s music I loved like Harry Styles and Train, and I remember how emotional I got when my song, “I Go Crazy” came on.” For being such a new face to the music scene, a hit like “I Go Crazy” truly deserves all the recognition it has received.

What’s Next in Jagger’s Journey

Jagger describes herself and her work and melancholy, authentic and original. She prides herself in staying original and true to herself. In addition, Jagger has recently released her newest single, “Melancholic” on September 9th, 2022. This work encapsulates her poetic abilities, touching listeners with lyrics such as, “I want answers, I want to know myself. I’m in the mirror, looking at someone else.”  The slow tempo showcases Jagger’s vocals, and this intimate work is sure to impress her worldwide fanbase. It’s clear to see that Jagger is a beyond talented young woman capable of a great future in this industry.


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