Music Review: Introducing Voice of Addiction

The aggressive and politically charged sound and lyrics of Voice of Addiction have been described as a “unique, refreshing slant on the punk rock world”. You can hear a multitude of punk influences in these songs, which will leave you wanting more.

In the Beginning…

Voice of Addiction was formed in 2004 by Ian Tomele. The current lineup of the band includes Ian, Kevin Amaro (drums), and Tyler Miller (vocals and guitar). Among the many great songs they have in their catalog, “Shinigami” from their “Divided States” album stands out. This song is an excellent example of how well these guys work together and how solid a three-piece band can be. Their talent proves that quality is more significant than quantity.


This three-piece band hits all the nostalgic spots with their music and has a song for whatever kind of style you prefer. “Empty Bottle” is Ska-influenced, while “Where’s The Freedom” sounds like The Clash and The Dead Boys merged. A standout number for me is “The Walls,” which reminds me of The Misfits. Because V.O.A have so many musical influences, it’s no surprise no two songs sound the same. Woody Guthrie, The Clash, Misfits, and even hardcore influences like Bad Brains can be found in their Punk influences. Clearly, this band knows the history of the genre, and it shows in their music.

Experience in Music and Games

In addition to playing more than 1,500 shows across North America, V.O.A. has sold over 10,000 copies of their eight official albums (and compilations). One of their songs was included on a compilation featuring Anti-Flag and Underoath. Their music was also featured in the IOS app games Skateboard Party 1, 2, & 3 as well as Snowboard Party 1 & 2. Those who have played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games know how seamlessly Punk and skating go together in video games. V.O.A. took the opportunity to enhance their branding as well as expand their audience through mobile gaming.

“Punk is Not Dead”

The group recently introduced a Spotify playlist featuring classic and up-and- coming punk music on their Facebook page. An artist embracing both the past and present is refreshing in a genre where gatekeepers are plentiful. They encourage fans to broaden their horizons as a result. “Punk is dead” some people say, but bands like Voice of Addiction keep it alive.

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