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Kim Tibbs is a multi-talented artist from Alabama, and currently resides in London, who has worked in the industry for over 30 years. She has behind- the- scenes experience as an Arranger, Producer, Songwriter, and Lyricist. But her talent doesn’t stop there. In addition to being a talented singer, she also has worked as a pianist, keyboardist, and B-3 organist. Her wide range of talent have led her to today. Her first album “Kim” was released in 2016 and did tremendously well on UK charts. As of today, she has just recently released her sophomore album “The Science of Completion Vol. I” on September 16, 2022. Her most recent releases sit in the top 5 on U.K. Soul Charts, including “A Walk to the Light! And Summertime” sitting at number 3.


Kim has been involved in music for as long as she can remember. Her father Pastor L. Tibbs is who she credits her talent and inspiration from. Kim also pursued higher education and has a Bachelors of Arts and Science in Business Administration. In addition, she has a Double Masters Degrees in Organizational Leadership and Masters of Business in Public Administration. But she doesn’t stop there. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration in Leadership. She’s also working as a Council Member of the Board of Advisers at J.C Calhoun Community College’s College of Arts.


In 2016 Kim released her first single from the album “Kim” which did extremely well on the U.K. Soul Charts. Her first single “I Need You For Your Love” entered at number 24, but quickly moved to #1. Alongside her first single, her second single “Soul” also moved to the top of the charts. They stayed for four weeks straight and were number 4 at the end of the year on the Official U.K Soul Chart Top 100 Songs. Her album “Kim” finished number 23 for the UK Soul Charts Top 100 Albums and Songs.

Kim has recently released part one of her second album “The Science of Completion Volume I-II”. The project began as a way to incorporate musicians at Florence High School, and she combined the recorded songs from over the years to create this album. Her songs have been recorded and include many high school students, which she decided to use to create her double album. Her double album was finalized at Royal Studios in Tennessee, where she was able to go back and form these songs. She used her multiple talents to create this album. Working on it as an artist, producer, B-3 Organist, as well as a songwriter, she was able to showcase her many talents and skills she has gained throughout pursuing a music career. Her album has done tremendously well and has been number one on the Official UK Soul Charts for the past 4 weeks.

Other work:

Kim has experience working with many well-known artists. To name a few, she has worked with 10-time Grammy Award Winner CeCe Winans, 5- time Grammy Award Winner Lalah Hathaway, and Billy Ray Cyrus. She has a wide range of talent that is applicable to different genres of music. In addition to music, she also works as a designer. She works to create “bold, eclectic, and unique” pieces, ranging from clothing to household goods. All of her pieces are hand-crafted, showcasing another one of her many talents.

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