Image courtesy of Don Most and credits to Steve Neimand

While many of us know Him the best from his Acting, He is probably best known as “Ralph Malph” on the hit TV show Happy Days, he returns to his first love…music. Donny has always sung and appreciated the swing and big band style of music and now he has finally recorded his incredible talent. He is currently delighting audiences with a unique show that fuses the swing era with 50’s cool jazz. Which He sounds spectacular LIVE. Donny has dazzled us on stage as well as on screen.

I have had the pleasure to interview him for my podcasts and radio shows 3 times now. Each time I have learned more and more about the man I grew up watching on Happy Day’s. I found that he is much more than those jokes we saw and heard each week on TV. His talent as a singer, in my opinion, rivals Frank Sinatra. His talent on stage and his vocals are uncanny. Take a listen to him sing Mack the Knife with the Orlando Jazz Orchestra.

Acting Career

Following his role as a regular cast member on Happy Days, Most appeared in many others films and television shows. Film credits include EDtv (1999), The Yankles (2009), and The Great Buck Howard (2008), starring John Malkovich. He also made the regular round of guest appearances on TV shows such as: Men Of A Certain Age, Star Trek: Voyager, The Crow, Sliders, Baywatch, The Love Boat, Diagnosis: Murder, Century City, Yes, Dear, Chips, Sabrina, Sliders, Dark Skies, and The Family Guy. Donny’s most recent recurring role on the hit TV show “Glee” left people wanting more.

Don stated one of the big influences for him deciding on Jazz was the movie The Jolson Story. That movie in my opinion was a huge influence on many people in music. There is so much great music in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s that influences today’s modern music. With icons like Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra who are still timeless. Don I feel plugins with these icons and his music is like a memory lane of the 20’s, 30’s 40’s and 50’s. I’m in awe of his raw talent that we who watched happy days never saw, but wow, it is impressive. I cant wait till the next time he comes into town to see his live show. He is certainly an entertainer with a capital E. With his style of Sing and Swing you cant go wrong.

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