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Beyond Talented Teen

As a young prodigy, Hitha is making her way into this world. The California native strives to create music focused on resilience and female empowerment. Her musical experience began before kindergarten age, where she experimented with various genres and styles. With a beautiful voice, and natural love for performing, Hitha aims to inspire her audience. Her songs revolve around her early life hardships, including self love and acceptance. Though many dismiss the teenage years as carefree fun, Hitha sheds light on the struggles of adolescence.

Likewise, she is a refreshing voice and her morals can inspire all ages. These values are reflected in Hitha’s latest hit, ‘We Are Who We Are,’ that came out January 2022. Within only a few months, it has reached over 92k streams on Spotify. The music video won in the LIT Talent Awards for Best Pop Music Video Platinum Winner. Hitha explains the overall message being that, “We were all born with our own little quirks and honestly, I’m okay with that. The song is about developing our individual character and accepting ourselves. We do not have to be defined by our skin color, our sexuality, or our class.”

Fast Growing Fanbase

In addition, Hitha’s consistent release of music has led to around 20k monthly listeners on Spotify. Her second most popular release, ‘Lost’, has an upbeat melody with meaningful lyrics. She writes to guide those struggling in life with misdirection of passions, goals, and dreams. The song aims to unite people, as almost everybody has felt lost at some point. In an interview with Overachiever Magazine, Hitha explains, “Lost is about finding our place in the world. It is about understanding who we are and who we are meant to be and what our passions are. It is also about allowing ourselves to be surrounded by people who support us and will be there for us.”

In fact, Hitha maintained her success through various singles over the the COVID-19 pandemic. Her song, ‘We Will Last’ is a response to the uncertainty surrounding the world during the difficult time. Her wholesome lyrics inspired many. In addition, her single ‘FUTURE’ quickly followed in 2021. ‘FUTURE’ highlights the power the younger generations have within this world. With lyrics such as, “We are the future, they were the past. Together we’ll build up, we’re all gonna last,” it is clear that Hitha believes in the power of uniting. In an overly divided time, Hitha’s positive messages connect people of all different ages and backgrounds.

Activist & Ahead of the Game

Finally, Hitha seeks to make this bitter world a better place. Beyond her latest singles, Hitha received recognition with various awards regarding her music videos. These include the Rome Music Video Awards, Mumbai Bollywood International Film Festival, Euro Music Video Song Awards, and many more. With this, Hitha uses her spotlight to bring awareness on important issues. Hitha is a major advocate for the education of young women and girls, especially those in India. She has recently worked with India’s Prime Minister to support “Self-Reliant India” and “Save and Educate Girls,” as well. Her international recognition has made her a selected Youth Ambassador of Unite4:Good.¬†Unite4:Good is a movement that promotes acts of service and kindness worldwide. Not only does her music promote optimism, but Hitha herself acts to improve the world as a whole. With both her incredible talent and caring activism, Hitha is a beautiful role model with a bright future ahead.


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