Music Review: Avenues

If you listened to Avenues’ music, you’d think that they came straight from California due to their 90’s skate punk influence. While their influence in Melodic Skate Punk is undeniable, This Punk Rock quartet was actually formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The band was founded by Vin Smith and includes twin brothers Scott and Shawn Brooks, as well as Texas native Marc-Alan.

Their music is infectious and will make you want to binge on their music with Perez’s intense drumming, The Brooks Brother’s energetic guitar work and Smith’s spectacular vocals that’s reminiscent of Justin Sane’s vocals from Anti- Flag. They have played numerous festivals in North America, including Warped Tour, Midwest Punk Fest, and Punk Rock Bowling. The Avenues also shared the stage with notable punk groups such as The Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket, Rise Against! as well as British Punk band The Buzzcocks.

Avenues recently released their new album “We’re all Doomed” under WireTap Records on November 2021. The cover of Avenues’ album seems heavily influenced by horror comic books. This adds to the branding of the band, and it would make a perfect image for band merch. One of the major stand out songs of this album is “Supersonic”; a song about falling in love with an intimidating woman. “Light’s Out” is another standout track on the album. The video evokes various Halloween elements such as zombies, Jack-O-Lanterns, and ghosts.

As someone who’s been a fan of Skate Punk for 15 years. The Avenues itches that nostalgic Pop Punk spot while keeping the sound fresh and modern. If you’re a fan of early Fat Wreck Chords bands or bands like early Blink 182, I highly recommend listening to Avenues.


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