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Stellar Style

Get ready for Alien Pop!

Meresha is known for her unique and memorable sound deemed as, “Alien Pop.” This genre consists of an electro-pop beat with an ethereal twist. The synth sounds and poetic lyrical works send listeners into another dimension. Enchanting audiences with her powerful, deep voice, Meresha maintains dream-like qualities in both music and appearance. With this contemporary style, Meresha created an all new fanbase all across the world. It’s safe to say she represents the next generation of music, reaching Billboard’s #3 spot for Emerging Artist Globally. As an original songwriter, Meresha leaves a personal touch to each and every song.

Newest Hits- “Trouble”

In spite of the worldwide pandemic, Meresha managed to release works of art. One of her newest singles, “Trouble”(2022), relates to the feelings of breaking free from any binds in life. After a time of restriction, Meresha strives to let loose and create a bit of fun-loving trouble. With lyrics such as, “You’ve been living in a bubble, stuck without love from another,”  it’s clear she was influenced by the hardships of 2020. For the “Trouble” music video, Meresha chose to film in the city of Miami for its exciting nature. She mixes elements of the Miami night scene with her own unique touch. The use of kaleidoscope visuals ultimately blend with various swirling colors within a dance club.

In addition, each background dancer emulates an cosmic aesthetic. Meresha describes the inspiration behind this choice, In the end, it is not obvious whether I or the other club goers are from this planet, or whether the whole thing even happened. This fits well with my genre, which is “Alien Pop”. Alien Pop is sort of like pop, but also sort of out of this world.The captivating visual effects make this video especially eccentric. It is a flawless representation of her style and brand.

Newest Hits- “Ask Me”

Without a doubt, Meresha has been working on various singles for this year. Her most recent release, “Ask Me,” is a sexy, upbeat song following the tension of a crush. It’s clear Meresha is pushing boundaries of pop, the sensual lyrics flowing well between R&B, electro-pop, and even funk influences. Her talent shines in this song, as she is able to blend various genres, while still sticking true to her own taste. The catchy hook and Meresha’s soulful voice capture the tension and pull of a new relationship. “Ask Me” is only the second single of this year, but Meresha claims there is many more to come. She states, I’ve already recorded a set of songs that I can’t wait to share with the world. This year will also be the year for me to be out playing concerts again.” It looks to be a promising year for all Alien Pop fans!

Connected to Fans

It must be noted that Meresha still connects with her fans on a personal level despite all her fame. The best example of this is her YouTube channel, where she posts almost weekly. She sings acoustic covers in her home, and keeps her fans up to date in a down to earth fashion. There is no huge production, but rather just Meresha and a camera. Meresha makes it a priority to base videos around fan art, and even utilizes Q&A’s for her fans to get to know her better. She makes herself approachable and authentic, while truly caring for her fans. Meresha’s appreciation shines through in each video, a refreshing take that is not seen enough! Recently, following the release of “Ask Me”, she dedicated an entire video to art pieces created by her fans. This not only shows her love and gratitude, but allows fans to feel even genuinely connected to their favorite artist.

Headed for the Stars

Overall, Meresha has made her way up in the music world. Her galactic style mesmerized audiences and caught the attention of millions. She made her way into the Billboard Top 40 Indicator Chart, shooting above well-known artists such as Rihanna and Ariana Grande. In fact, Grande herself added Mersha’s “Jungle Potion” on her personal playlist. Meresha was even one of the early artists in performing a virtual reality live show in 2021. Her groundbreaking genre and clear adoration for her fans make Meresha a gem in the music industry. Meresha is headed to the moon, the stars, and perhaps other galaxies with her otherworldly music.

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