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I hope to shine a light so bright on the Chicago talent that it is undeniable, and it draws the attention of everyone who’s looking to do something in this industry.

-Marc Taylor, Owner of The IslandChicago Recording Studio

The Early Years

Chicago is home to many successful artists, as the music scene has thrived in this city for decades. The IslandChicago recording studio is located on Goose Island, surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Chicago River. Founded as the main production headquarters for Ashro Records, this native studio has deep roots in the Chicago music industry. The Island first opened their doors in 2011, starting as a hub for gospel artists. By 2016, owner and founder of The Island, Marc Taylor, welcomed artists of any genre. The studio itself was built by the legendary Neighborhood Watch Records. Major artists such as Crucial Conflict and Rigamortis had a hand in building this iconic space.

Quality Services

The Island is a connection for top artists and independent artists of today. With such successful artists comes quality production. We have a legendary, producers and engineers, such as Malcolm flex, Zaeskee Alazae and one of Juice WRLD’s, former engineers, Monarch, and Cain who engineered both Lil dirk and Lil Reese the producer just to name a few. This studio has experienced songwriting, music production and artist development services. Professional mixing, mastering and recording are also provided. This studio strives to help new artists find their way in the music industry. Their multifaceted team and years of expert experience can help artists across all genres.

One of a Kind

Owner of The Island, Marc Taylor, takes pride in knowing his studio is truly unique. As many studios today are placed in existing buildings, The Island was built specifically for sound quality from the ground up. Careful considerations were taken for acoustics and sound control, even walls that are two feet deep! The foundation of the building is sand, and there are no parallel walls in the recording studio. It truly is an architectural masterpiece.

A studio as distinct as The Island also values originality in their artists. The Island has such a high quality vocal room, that Taylor best describes it as a, “vocal boutique”.

The Island’s Purpose

The main goal of The Island is to attract Chicago’s finest talent. Their exceptional recording facilities and knowledgeable guidance is a perfect base for any artist.

Taylor claims, “We are a place that is trying to unite Chicago talent, a place that strives to encourage people to be uniquely themselves and not try to sound just like someone else in a place that encourages and nurture’s talent.”

There are no major established labels in the Chicago area, and this leaves a lack of opportunity. The Island pays attention to the wonderful Chicago talent. The studio aims to advise musicians in achieving their artistic dreams, no matter the genre. With a rich history and a rare design, The Island is sure to jumpstart successful careers for talented musicians.


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