Music Review: “American Errorist” Review

“American Errorist” by Melvinator is one of the latest song releases from Fat Wreck Chords. Music releases from this label are usually expected to sound Punk, since Fat Wreck Chords has always been known as a label that specializes in Punk Rock. With the release of “American Errorist”, it was expected to be another Punk single released. This song would not just be a Punk release, but a unique blend of two unexpected music genres.

Melvinator and Bottles to the Ground

NOFX guitarist Eric Melvin released the song as part of his long-overdue solo project. Throughout NOFX’s music career, he had always been an underrated vocalist. He also has a knack for performing as a DJ outside from NOFX. His rework of “American Errorist” is a unique blend of Punk and EDM with his hardcore vocals, combined with his DJ abilities. The song originated in NOFX’s 2004 album “The War on Errorism”, but the added EDM and distorted vocals made the song completely sound different than the original.

This song was released under the subsidiary label of Fat Wreck Chords, “Bottles to the Ground”. Bottles to the Ground is run by the members of NOFX and allow artists to expand from the signature Skate Punk sound that Fat Wreck is known for while still under the Fat Wreck name. It’s refreshing to see a Punk label expand their musical repertoire and give their artists a chance to explore different sounds.

The Music Video

The music video for American Errorism fits within the Punk ethos as the video itself is very DIY. There is a gritty distorted filter over the music and camera footage of real world events. The colorful yet gritty filter compliments the video with the bleakness of the lyrics combined with the overall camera quality. The video also satirizes major news networks with flashy news imagery and scrolling news banners that seem to never end. Although the original song didn’t have a music video, this is the type of imagery that goes with the song’s message. This new take on a song from the Bush Administration proved that certain issues haven’t exactly gone away. The sound may have been reworked into something new, but the message remains relevant to this day.


“American Errorist” by Melvinator is a song to check out if you enjoy unique musical blends. It’s an instance where you can fist bump the air to a Punk song and it would be fitting.  If you enjoy artists such as The Prodigy, “American Errorist” is worth checking out.



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