The AUDACITY! Reminiscent of the euphoric explosion of the 1980’s, Tommi gives us something we been craving and missing. Instantly giving off a vibe we haven’t felt since we were first introduced to Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics. A kick-ass, don’t care what you got to say attitude, combined with smooth vocals and out-spoken creativity. Tommi’s music bring us back to the heyday of pop music. Stunning visuals that capture the imagination and make you feel the music at a personal level. Highlighting topics of embracing who you are and being happy with the person you see in the mirror. It isn’t hard to see why Tommi is one of the hottest up-and-coming acts in the indie pop music scene. We had a chance to catch up with Tommi and ask a few questions in regard to motivations and the desired career outcome:

Image courtesy of Tommi Aura

“What would you say is your greatest motivation as an up-and-coming artist?”

Tommi Aura:

“My greatest motivation as an up-and-coming artist is staying committed to my craft because music has saved my life. I was modeling in New York and realized I could live the rest of my life on mute being a hanger for someone else’s brand or I could use my voice and talents and be visible in a big way. In modeling I was hiding, I was unhealthy mentally, physically, spiritually and I was neglecting my music. Following my calling to be an artist has reincarnated me in a sense. I have a purpose, I’m excited to work, I love getting to travel, connect and perform in front of crowds. I can say I am fully myself and it’s all because of my motivation to stay in music.”


“What do you wish to gain from the music industry, is it just for the fame and fortune or is there an underlying reason behind it all?”

Tommi Aura:

“I think if you do anything for the money, you’re doing things for the wrong reasons. Money is a by-product of great art. But money does not define great art. I am in music because I love to sing, I love to write, I love to perform. Singing is the only time I’m not thinking, I’m fully present and fully in joy. There’s nothing else in the world that does that for me. What I wish to gain is community. By creating better music and becoming more aligned with the artist I’m meant to become, my goal is to reach a larger audience. I want to connect with more and more people and be solidified as an androgynous pop icon.”

image courtesy of Tommi Aura

“What message would you have for a young fan wanting to follow in your footsteps?”

Tommi Aura:

“To young fans and people reading this, your greatest obstacle is yourself. Once you recognize that, your possibilities are endless. When I realized there was nothing holding me back, no crappy deals, analytics, bad or good songs, right or wrong choices, nothing was going to hold me back except myself, that allowed me to work on me. Daily I work on the generational beliefs I’ve carried, the beliefs that I formed about myself and the world around me growing up by focusing on what I desire and how I am worthy of those things. If I truly believe I deserve and can have, then it is and its mine. Worthiness and self-belief are everything to becoming successful no matter who you are, where you are at in life or what your current circumstances are. I call my greatest into existence.


Tommi Aura”

Such fantastic responses from such an incredible person. Here we see someone who is genuine in who they are. Transparent and motivated to accomplish great things not only in music, but in life. Tommi’s hit songs “AUDACITY”, “I’m Not A Boy”, and “Pucker Up” showcase the storytelling ability and musical range in an emphatic way. I became a huge fan of Tommi’s during this interview process. The musical style Tommi represents is fresh, organic, and worthwhile. Something the pop scene has not seen since Lady Gaga’s rise to superstardom. Tommi has the hunger, determination, and self-belief to become pop music’s next big star. We here at MusicAddict can’t wait to see what the future has instore for such a talented and dynamic musical artist. Welcome to the world of Tommi Aura.

Image Courtesy of Tommi Aura


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