Music Review: Peyton Shay

She’s young, hungry, and confident. At only 19 years of age, Peyton Shay has eclipsed what most artist hope to accomplish in their careers. Hailing from the City of Angels, Peyton has become one of the youngest charting female acts of the new decade. She sports rankings of #18 and #7 on the US billboards and UK charts respectively. She has firmly established herself as one of the hottest up-and-coming acts in both the United states and overseas. A dynamic blend of youthful spirit, with a nostalgic pop touch; she is primed for this new era of music. With themes that relay the struggles of young adulthood, she paints a beautiful truth about overcoming the grim reality that is life.

In the Future:

The music industry is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, professions to break in to. Many artists fail to reach even moderate success. For Peyton to reach her full potential, she must focus on further developing her own personal and unique sound. Differentiating herself from her peers and counterparts is crucial in elevating herself into the next tier of entertainers. With her most popular song, “Badder Than The Bad Boys”, already over 120k streams on Spotify. Peyton is in great position to add to her already established talents, and further distant herself from the saturated market.

Following the release of her breakthrough EP, “Badder Than The Bad Boys”, Peyton is set to continue the momentum into the new year. The titular song boast a unique title that shows the sass and attitude of a budding star. It is her most streamed song to date and showcases her aforementioned talent. With many new singles and upcoming shows in the works, as well as her untitled debut album; the future is bright for this young artist. We at CreekMusic are excited to see her take the next step into her career!

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