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Fronted by the glamorous yet rebellious Nina Courson, Healthy Junkies is a London-based punk band. Their influences range from grunge and psychedelic rock to new wave and theatre, markedly creating unique and electrifying musical experiences.

Where It All Began…

Daring to live out her wildest dreams, lead singer Nina Courson ran away from home, where she found a thriving music community in London, England. There, she met psychedelic rock guitarist Phil Honey-Jones. As two young people escaping a dysfunctional upbringing, Courson and Honey-Jones founded Healthy Junkies. Undeniably defiant, they chose the name to make a statement against the numbing and dumbing qualities of pharmaceuticals. In late 2013, bassist Dave Whitmore and drummer Tony Alda filled out the band, and they hit the road in the UK and Europe.

Since the band formed, they have seen great success and recognition within the punk community. They have toured with legends The Rezillos, Sham 69, Walter Lure, The Professionals, and many more.

After receiving significant radio play in the United States, Healthy Junkies toured the West Coast for the first time in 2018.

What’s Going On?

In June 2022, Healthy Junkies released their latest single, “Cry of The Wolf”, which was produced by Dave Allen who produced the Cure and the drums were played by Rat Scabies of The Damned. Reminiscent of Deep Purple, Courson’s vocals beautifully float over the driving force of the guitar and drums. To illustrate their versatility and uniqueness, the song strikes a really interesting balance between easy listening rock-and-roll and the underlying urgency that is the hallmark of punk and hard rock.

Presently, Healthy Junkies are set to release an album in 2023, with an accompanying UK tour. Additionally, they will be playing several festivals, including The Rebellion Festival.

Can’t Hide Their Impact

By and large, one of the most thrilling things about the Healthy Junkies is their impact on their local music scene. In fact, Phil and Nina host a monthly event called “The Punk and Roll Rendezvous”. Unquestionably rock-and-roll at its core, The Punk and Roll Rendezvous has one main goal: to bring people together. As they have said, it’s a night for freedom and authenticity. No room for judgement or prejudice, just self expression.

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