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Up and coming artist LiL MC is someone to keep your eye on for more reasons than one. Beyond being a talented artist and MC, she is a woman who helps her community, and empowers all those around her, especially students and women. Through her own work and music, she calls for changes to be made in the community. LiL MC is someone who uses her music to connect and empower others, something I find wonderful to see.


LiL MC started performing her freestyle rap in 2010 and carried on to become a rap battle champion. She has become recognizable for her talent, as well as her sassy wit. She started out as one of the only women in the local rap battle scene, but has inspired other women to start. As of today, she has expanded her talent to song-writing, singing, and production. She is one of the few women to be in music production, as the industry is only about 2% women. LiL MC is known for her empowerment in her music. Her lyrics in “OMG”, a song that has been included in the NBA2k21 game soundtrack, include “my short skirt is not an invitation for your roofie.” She uses her songs to call out issues that many women face and calls for changes to be made.

 Her most recent album “Riding the Pink Cloud,” which was featured on Billboard Hip Hop, was released in 2021 and includes 7 songs including “Locked Up” and “Sober Ride.” Her more recent work includes “Don’t Negotiate My Price” reached 120,000 streams on Spotify and she is debuting her first full-length album soon, with the first single being “You Belong to Me,” which LiL MC produced herself. The song was released on January 27,2023 on all streaming platforms. She also has recently collaborated with Vel the Wonder, an LA underground artist, which was featured on a LA billboard. During her performances, LiL MC often shares the stage with other women in the rap scene, such as Sa-roc, Che Noir, Zion I, and Vel the Wonder herself.

In the Community:

LiL MC goes far beyond just creating music. She often does many projects in her community as well. She has recently collaborated with Hip Hop for Change, an Oakland based non-profit where she teaches hundreds of students how to create beats. In addition, she created a curriculum, Women’s Empowerment Hip Hop, which has given her the opportunity to contribute to Code Remix, a Meta educational initiative, which is a program the develops students’ computer science skills by teaching coding and beat making.

In addition to her help in the community, she uses her music to inspire women. Her lyrics often address social issues that women face, such as misogyny. She also uses her music and platform to help other women in the industry move their career forward. She is the founder of Queens of the Underground,  a Hip Hop showcase for women which gives artists a chance to work with more established artists and showcase their work, as well as network and build more connections with women in the industry.

LiL MC is a one of a kind artist for more than just her talent. She is a genuine artist who wants to see improvement for women and students in the world. She has used her platform and talent as a way to give back and inspire students and women.

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