Music Review: Megan Morrison

Who is Megan Morrison?

Megan Morrison’s star burns brighter than the flames she eats. We at CreekMusic have never covered an artist/entertainer quite like Megan. She brings the “wow” factor that leaves you in awe. Both, her songwriting and vocal range allows her music to come alive. Her high-quality music videos showcase her eccentric and powerful personality. In turn, giving us a glimpse into the fire she possesses. She is not your average rockstar, singer, songwriter, or fire performer; she is Megan Morrison.

The Fire Starter

Based out of one of the most diverse places in the Americas, Miami Florida, Megan has become quite literally one of its hottest attractions. Her performances have garnered national attention and acclaim, and have been included in music videos for the likes of Pitbull and Elvis Crespo. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. In addition, her own music videos have also drawn national acclaim. Her original song, “Devil Said Roam” was selected as a finalist for both the Texas Short Film Festival and Oniros Film Awards in New York. Her songwriting also has inspired praise. Just this past February, her song, “Appetite for Freedom” was chosen as a finalist in the USA Songwriting Competition. The video also won “best music video” at the Toronto International Women Film Festival, the Miami Golden Shorts and the Vegas Movie Awards. It won the “best action” award at the California Music Video Awards. This is no easy feat by any means. Her accolades speak for themselves, but the person behind them speaks even louder.

Behind Megan Morrison’s Music

On the record, “You’re worth it,” Megan is more than just an entertainer; she is an advocate for the betterment of oneself. Her songs draw upon inspiration from her past experiences, offering us a direct channel into the personal battles she has fought with. It is safe to say that, Megan is a champion for mental health and addiction.  Consequently, through her music, Megan shares her story. Which is one of success and triumph in overcoming negativity and turning it into something positive.

New Music

However, it is not just her awe-inspiring talents that make Megan unique as an artist, it is also her authenticity. Megan is as genuine as they come, and we are very excited to see her take the next leap in her career! We at Creek Music Group want to thank Megan for her professionalism and dedication to the business. Writing this article has been a pleasure and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future. Make sure to check out her most recent EP, “Appetite For Freedom”, and be on the lookout for upcoming tour dates!

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