Raised in Southern California, singer/songwriter Cassy London embodies a dynamic mix of razor-sharp strength and resonating grace. Delivering a distinctive melodic style and euphoric tone. Cassy’s artist DNA combines her LA alt-rock roots with multiple genres across modern pop, resulting in a sound that is uniquely her own. Now the artist returns with fresh offering ‘New Age’, a bold, uplifting and unifying pop anthem. Watching Cassy transformation the last 6 years from the the pop hit “Carousel”. That song which show cased her early powerful vocals and her control and comfort in front of the camera.

She continued to wow us the past 6 years with new songs. But I feel this song, She also delivers a distinctive melodic style and euphoric tone better than anything we have seen before. Her latest release, New Age showcases her talent masterfully. Check out this new song and video

“The message of ‘New Age’ has always been really important to me, especially right now. It’s about loving one another, holding onto optimism, having hope for our future, and feeling powerful, not powerless in the face of change.” Cassy London shares Produced by global multi-platinum producer Harry Sommerdahl (Red Velvet, Lil Wayne, Steve Aoki) the song was created during a writing trip to Stockholm, Sweden. “The day of the session, I remember waking up and having a sense something really special was going to happen! I walked into the studio on a super cold day and sat down with the other writer and producer and began sharing my iPhone notes, voice memos, and the overall vision I had for a song called ‘New Age’” Cassy adds.

Image courtesy of Cassy London and Liberty Music PR

With Cassy London, what you see is a true reflection as she is passionately involved in every aspect from songwriting, to production and visuals. Her use of fantastical elements to story-tell is a way of giving a sense of “surrealism” to the honest and relatable messages in her music. Cassy cites Imagine Dragons, Enya and Amy Lee as some of the artists that have most inspired her. Her first commercial single, “Carousel” was self-released and took the #1 spot on Youtube’s top trending videos.

“Suburbs” followed and next up; “Old School;” an up tempo dance-pop song was featured on numerous Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube global playlists. Along with exclusive performances on MTV Asia’s MTV Jammin series. Cassy has been working extensively with top producers while being mentored by iconic Rock and Roll Hall of fame songwriter Jeff Barry (Sugar Sugar, Leader of The Pack) and now with Swedish production house “The Kennel” (BTS, Kygo, The Chainsmokers). Cassy is making music like never before. With a global fan base of 4.2 million followers across social platforms, Cassy’s future is one to watch. Watch and follow this rising star. She wont disappoint. This writer and music professional cant wait for her next release.





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