Whisky A Go Go

Opening their doors more than half a century ago for the first time, Whisky A Go Go has always
been a place to go to enjoy the sounds of rock music.

Located in South Hollywood, California, the club first opened in 1964 with a performance by
singer and guitarist Johnny Rivers. Offered a year-long contract to play at the Whisky A Go Go
by co-founder Elmer Valentine, Rivers was able to put on a show that put the nightclub into the
spotlight. For about 20 years, Whisky A Go Go was able to be successful, having artists like
Janis Joplin and Mötley Crüe, to perform weeks at a time. In the early 80s, the venue closed
down for about four years before opening their doors again with a performance from recently
formed Guns N Roses.

Now, having their doors open for 60 years, Whisky A Go Go is still going strong. With a capacity
of 500 people, it’s common to see the venue packed. Although it’s known for its rock roots, the
nightclub hosts artists and events of various genres, which helps to bring a diverse crowd.

Those who visit, speak highly and genuinely enjoy the time they have there. Because of the
praise, this led to Whisky A Go Go being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.

Through multiple decades, Whisky A Go Go has continued to be a place for all ages to enjoy all
genres of music, especially rock. This iconic venue full of history is a must when visiting West

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