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Who is Trip Rexx?

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Trip Rexx spent his childhood moving all over the US, spanning the Bay area, Connecticut, and Phoenix. He struggled with feelings of loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and depression from a young age, however he found solace in creative pursuits like drawing, theatre, and playing instruments. Alternative rock & hip hop music became his main escape as an adolescent, and in high school he discovered a passion for songwriting. He finally felt he could truly express himself. A perpetual misfit & rebel during those days, Trip’s experimentation with psychedelic drugs sparked a philosophical & spiritual awakening, and ultimately led to his moniker.

A chain of life challenges (parents’ divorce, an abusive romantic relationship, dropping out of college, nearly losing his mother to breast cancer, and her subsequent development of manic depression) forged the artist he eventually became, as Rexx found his voice speaking on mental health, existentialism, self-liberation, and interpersonal relationships.

Image courtesy of Trip Rexx
Courtesy of Trip Rexx

His sound mixes rap cadences and flows with pop punk melodies and introspective thoughts, often accompanied by bouncy trap production that has a psychedelic twist.

Trip draws exclusively from personal experience when conjuring content for his music, treating each record like a snapshot of his mental state at the moment of its conception. While he refuses to keep himself in a box sonically or emotionally, you can be certain that his deep passion, uncensored honesty, and playful wit will consistently shine through in all of his work.

The Catalyst

Being apart of the music industry is no whim, or last minute career choice for Trip. This dream has been years in the making, beginning when he was a kid. He said when asked how long he has been making music, “Pretty much my whole life. I started playing instruments (piano, guitar, bass) in grade school and began songwriting, rapping, and recording around 13 years old.”

However, the exact moment he knew that music was going to be his life, was when he was in a band back in Middle School. Trip recalls, “I think the very first time I knew I wanted to pursue music as a career was after joining a specific band when I was around 13 or 14 years old. I had played in bands before, but this one was the most serious and we played quite a few shows with decent sized crowds. I remember leaving band practice one day and thinking that maybe I could legitimately make a living in music if I stuck with this band. Unfortunately that didn’t end up panning out, but it did light a fire under me to get serious about music in general.”

Image courtesy of Trip Rexx
Image courtesy of Trip Rexx

With over 1.5 million streams to date, his record “Me & My Bimmer,” is his most popular song to date. It all started with him purchasing his first car, which was indeed a BMW. Trip explains, “I actually wrote and recorded Me & My Bimmer the same day that I bought my BMW. Which I still drive currently. It’s the first car I’ve ever purchased myself.  Which was obviously a big moment for me (even if it was 10 years old and a bit dented up).”

As far as the writing process went, the initial idea to write about the car was producer Shayler Williams. Trip says,”The song was really never meant to be that deep. I was kinda just hyping myself up for getting a car I felt proud of. I’ve always admired foreign cars. It really excites me and makes me proud to know so many people find enjoyment from my expression of that moment. I’ll always remember vividly especially with the song being attached to it.”


Trip’s music on first listen can be labeled Pop/Punk, which in recent years has seen a comeback in the mainstream. But, his inspirations run anywhere from The Beatles to Kid Cudi to even Fallout Boy. He confessed,”I feel like all of these artists really push the envelope to evolve or redefine artistry within their own genres. Many of them consistently reinvent themselves in order to keep their sound and aesthetics fresh. I never want to feel stagnant or comfortable. I think for a while I was afraid to dig as deep as possible emotionally. That’s one thing I wish I had been empowered to do from a younger age. I don’t think those feelings are conducive to influential art being made.”

What’s Next for Trip Rexx?

Fans can expect new music, and a possible tour, says Trip. “Over this next year I’m gonna be dropping a lot of new music again which I’m really excited about. I’ve been moving towards new sounds and vibes that my listeners may not have heard from me yet. I’ll also be continuing to play more and more shows (hopefully a US tour soon too). Pretty much just showing my face and interacting with my fans as much as possible! I’ll definitely be releasing a new single or two at the very least before this summer is over.”

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Written by Breigh Hammel

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