JUNKYARD SUPERSTAR: An Exclusive Interview with Cami Petyn

JUNKYARD SUPERSTAR : An Exclusive Interview with Cami Petyn

As a rising artist in the punk-rock world, Cami Petyn captivates her fans with powerful female rage and memorable messages. Petyn is an extremely successful rocker who isn’t afraid to show vulnerability. Through being her most authentic self, loyal and devoted fans continue to support her in her booming music career. After the release of her latest album, JUNKYARD SUPERSTAR, Petyn agreed to an exclusive interview with Music Addict.

Like A Woman Scorned

How would you describe your music in three words?

I would say honest, intense at times, and feminine rage-fueled.

Who are your biggest inspirations in music?

So, I am a really big grunge girl. I love 90s grunge and the spearheads of that genre are my main inspirations, like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, of course. Honestly, any musician that is viciously authentic and raw inspires the f*** out of me. Plus, the OG women of blues and jazz like Nina Simone and Big Mama Thornton are massive inspirations.

You recently held yourself to the challenge of songwriting every single day of 2023. What has this experience taught you?

At the top of 2023, I realized I wanted to take my music a different direction, more into an authentic sound. I wasn’t fully able to get it out of my head, so out of frustration I was like, I’m just going to write every single day until I get it out.

Through that repetition process, not only did I get the sound out, but I realized that inspiration, and I guess talent, isn’t this mystical thing that falls into your lap. It’s something that is earned by showing up incessantly. I know as an artist, I want to see inspiration as this magical muse that has a fairy wand and shows up. But, you have to show up first, and then you build it. It comes through repetition.

That’s great advice for those wanting to break-into the industry as an artist; you have to show up for yourself.

Yes! Especially when I first started writing, I thought you had to wait for the inspiration to strike. But, if you wait it’s never going to strike- well rarely.

You’ve been open about your own struggles both online and within songwriting. Do you find there is a power in being vulnerable within your music?

Absolutely. My #1 pillar as an artist, and I guess as a person as well, is being authentic. Under that inevitability comes vulnerability. I think being vulnerable is how we genuinely connect with people, especially artists. I feel the more vulnerable I can be in my art, the more I can genuinely connect with my audience, which is paramount for me.



You recently released your latest EP, JUNKYARD SUPERSTAR. Can you give fans some insight on the messages you aim to convey?

That whole record was written through the process of getting sober and really healing myself in that way. So at first, I used it kind of as therapy. It was the only way I could stay sane by writing songs, and through writing the record I realized it was documenting my overcome, or my overcoming of the hurdle and battle.

So, I guess it’s a record of perseverance and overcoming, while on the surface being a fun alt-rock, feminine rage filled record.

Do you have a favorite line or verse you’ve written within this EP?

Yes! My song, “Eat Me Alive” has some of my favorite lyrics. Both of the verses are my favorite. I feel like they are really honest and to the point. But, they are still poetic. The first verse goes, “My baby loves that I’m whipped and I love to lie.”  Like I said, the whole project is about getting sober. So with, “my baby”, it’s like drugs love when I’m whipped over them, and I love to lie about it. That song just felt like I’m not doing great, but I’m just going to be honest about it.

Navigating Sobriety & Rock ‘n’ Roll

In one of her popular releases “All My Friends Keep Dying From Drugs (AMFKDFD),” Petyn highlights a silenced issue in the world of rock. As an advocate for addiction awareness, Petyn aims to create headbanging music without engaging in the stereotypical lifestyle. Through loss and grief, this song reveals the dark reality that lies beneath this industry. Using her platform, Petyn approached the topic of both addiction and the fentanyl crisis in her community.

“All My Friends Keep Dying From Drugs” resonated with many of her fans that felt affected by addiction, or the stigma around it. As Petyn gain’s her punk rock following, she is also aware of her power in her platform. She uses her talented vocals to start conversations and provide insight into the glorified rockstar lifestyle.

What does  living “the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle” mean to you, especially since you’re sober?

I have had to sit and think with this for a while, and I realized the antithesis of rock ‘n’ roll is “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” because that killed the most important people of rock. The true rock ‘n’ roll is vicious authenticity and showing up for yourself. Even when it’s deeply uncomfortable, that rawness is what I associate with the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

As you’ve risen onto the music scene, what was the biggest challenge you faced?

Being a woman in this industry, there are a lot of hurdles. The most recent one I have had to overcome is re-learning how to trust my gut and listen to myself. Especially being in this industry in general, there are so many people who think they know best.

Moving onto a more positive note, what has been your proudest moment in your career so far?

I put out a song a couple years ago called “All My Friends Keep Dying From Drugs,” which, nice and light-hearted as you can tell by the title. But, that one was a really intense song for me to make. Through putting it out, I stepped more into harm reduction, and I educated myself on the topic of overdose and what we can do to prevent overdoses with the epidemic that’s happening.

I unexpectedly fell into coming really passionate about the advocacy and working with a non-profit on overdose prevention. It was very unexpected that this song would lead me to this place, but I am very proud of that trajectory and try to incorporate it in my shows as an artist.

What can fans expect to see in 2024?

A completely new sound. I don’t think it’s going to be so shocking for my fans who know me. Like I said, I’ve spent this whole year connecting with my inner voice and making sure what I’m going to put out in 2024 is so intensely me and authentic.

So yes, a new sound, viscous authenticity, and a lot of new music!

Skyrocketing to Success

Through taking risks and speaking out about stigmas, Petyn has quickly found her devoted following. Her stage and camera presence are unmatched, and Petyn continues on her journey in the world of alternative rock and experimental punk. With a striking-edge style, her artistic vision is elevated and unique. Petyn’s music is sure to leave an impact on the experimental world of modern punk rock.

She serves as an inspiration to many young adults learning to find themselves. Petyn influences others to always be authentic, speak out on important topics and in the midst of it all, have a little fun!

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    What a great interview. Cami is amazing and I love the continued evolution of her music. No Sleep was the first song of hers I listened to and I’ve been a fan ever since. Thanks for being so real and so rock n’ roll sueperstar


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