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UPON WINGS features a magical symphony of operatic, female-fronted goth-pop with rousing rock and metal in a unique, ethereal landscape. With comparisons to the likes of Nightwish, Within Temptation, Evanescence, and more, UPON WINGS establishes themselves as the next step in this niche of Goth-Rock – which I, myself, can’t help but love. As their website says, “UPON WINGS is for those who value intrigue and adventure” that “takes listeners down a path of heartfelt introspection, pain, joy and faith.” Walk with me and sit as spell as we enjoy their recent single “Eternal Way.” 

Not just defined by the rhythm, UPON WINGS delivers on the folk tale inspired genre, creating a mystical journey for you to embark on. It plays to your heart, mind, and soul, an energy that transcends deep joy! Seduced by the harmonies, spectacular guitar riffs and drums, UPON WINGS embodies a true rock inspired goth-pop.  

Sit back and relax as we enjoy their recent single “Eternal Way.” 

The outcome created was a Euro-classical fairytale reminiscent of an 18th century French chateau with sharp, bold guitar work of Jardine and Max Georgiev (lead touring guitarist, FALLING IN REVERSE), evenly balanced with raw, natural vocals of front woman, Anne Autumn Erickson, and guest vocalist Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR, GAMMA RAY).

Released in March 2021, “Eternal Way” revisits the artistry established in their 2013 debut EP, Afterlife, featuring Brett Hestla (ex-CREED, DARK NEW DAY) as guest vocalist. Hailing from Michigan, UPON WINGS, again joined Grammy-nominated engineer Glenn Brown (Kid Rock; Winner, 2021 Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album), producer/guitarist Kevin Jardine, and drummer Peter Tzaferis (both of SLAVES ON DOPE).

“Ralf Scheepers has such a grand voice and was a delight to work with, so it was truly a pleasure and honor to have him on this UPON WINGS song…Max Georgiev’s guitar solo adds an incredible touch, as well,” says Erickson.

The video uses Anne’s vocals, and the band’s haunting music, to make the fairytale come true. The use of sunlight brings the transitions to life. You can feel the depth of the music in the visual portrayal. Her stunning look and killer eyes makes Anne the ideal lead for this Goth-Rock act. Very mystic and alluring, she is the ideal candidate for the job.  

While similar to Amy Lee (EVANESCENCE), Anne commands great vocal control. This type of control is not seen often, I have on seen this once or twice in my career. She and UPON WINGS are a breath of fresh air amongst the modern, synthesized sounds we hear every day. You can listen to their music over and over again; endlessly finding pleasure in the nature of its style and sound.  

In my opinion, there is no limit of reach for this group, and they have definitely accomplished a happy ending with this piece; as well as many of their older and latest compositions. I congratulate Anne and Ralf on what a great job they’ve done, and look forward to the next chapter UPON WINGS creates.

You can Stream and download the new single HERE.
Upon Wings Eternal Way feat. Ralf Scheepers
Website: UponWings.com
Edited By: Ley Montijo

Author: Tom M

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