Teri Teston

Teri Teston

Artist Relations Manager

Professional Biography of Teri Cooper Teston:

Teri Cooper Teston's life has been deeply rooted in music, a passion she inherited from her family's rich musical background. From the tender age of seven, Teri has dedicated herself to the art of music, honing her skills as a pianist, vocalist, and composer.

With a natural flair for melody and lyricism, Teri has composed and recorded original songs, some of which were featured on a compilation CD alongside the esteemed David Frizzell. In 1998, she showcased her versatility as a musician by producing an album where she recorded not only the lead vocals but also the complex harmonies.

In her professional life, Teri serves as an Administrative Assistant to the Director of Bands at the School of Music within West Texas A&M University. This role allows her to blend her administrative acumen with her deep-seated love for music. She also serves the roll of Artist Relations Manager for Music Addict LLC.

Teri's commitment to the musical arts is unwavering, as she finds profound fulfillment in aiding others to realize and harness their innate talents. She believes in the transformative power of music and is dedicated to guiding budding musicians towards achieving their own unique contributions to the world's musical tapestry.