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Do you want your music reviewed by trusted music industry professionals?

Music Addict and our Grammy Nominated staff are offering an opportunity for you to get one of your songs reviewed by our team.

You will receive simple, direct, constructive feedback on your music. We will assist you in meeting the ever-changing industry standards. Which can optimize your chances of success!

The reviews are cost effective – $30 each – without any further obligations or fees.

We cannot guarantee success in the music business, but we can increase your chances of getting heard!

If this sounds like the next steps on your creative journey. To get the process started, please make a payment using the pay now button and fill out the form below. After, you can speak with one of our staff members on how send us mp3s/links for your music.

Pay for the Song Review Below and provide your transaction number and email address used for the payment to our Help Desk, and we will start the process.

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Thomas McDonough: A Symphony of Success A Detroit native, Thomas McDonough has spent the past thirty years orchestrating his symphony of success in the music industry. His journey, originating in the heart of Detroit and expanding to the international arena, is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence and his steadfast commitment to fostering talent. In his early career, McDonough was deeply ingrained in the pulsating music scene of Detroit, cutting his teeth at WROM Radio Detroit. Here, he refined his broadcasting and music management skills, recognizing the potency of radio as a platform for artists and the significance of curating content that echoes with its audience. Transitioning from WROM, McDonough delved into the world of record labels with RL Recordings. His tenure there was marked by successful artist partnerships and chart-topping hits, a testament to his innate talent-spotting ability and effective management skills. This phase of his career solidified McDonough's standing as an influential figure in the music industry. Currently, McDonough is a leading executive at MI5 Recordings, a division of the colossal Universal Music Group. His role extends beyond talent discovery and nurturing; he also crafts strategic initiatives to help artists realize their full potential. His visionary leadership has propelled numerous successful artist campaigns, enhancing MI5 Recordings' prestige within the music industry. In addition, McDonough contributes at Creek Music Group and shares his vast industry knowledge through Music Addict, offering guidance to budding artists and fellow music enthusiasts. Thomas McDonough's lifelong dedication to music has left an irreplaceable legacy in the industry. His passion for unearthing new talent, his deep understanding of music production, and his strategic business acumen continue to inspire and influence artists and music lovers globally. His musical journey continues to unfold, promising more thrilling chapters in the future.

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