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Actress. Singer. Model. Human. Humble.

While exuberantly talented, and to say the least, promising; this is just a small portion of the great representation of who Presley Duyck is. Hailing from Frisco, Texas, a city just north of Dallas, Presley grew up with the ambition of becoming a prominent member of the performing arts community. Among thousands of others in what seems a saturated market, she was one of the artists that stood out the most. Her overall ability to produce music from the heart, as well as her natural abilities as a singer/songwriter, she really differentiates herself from the pool. To get a general consensus of whom the person behind the music is, we reached out to do an exclusive interview with her and catch her take on the musical exploits, her inspirations, and what she wishes to accomplish within this industry. We began the Q/A session with what essentially inspired and what continues to inspire her.

Music Addict:

“Who or what has inspired you, both in music and in your personal life, to become the best version of yourself and pursue your dreams as a recording artist?”


“When I was younger, my parents would take me to all different kinds of small music venues around Dallas to find musical entertainment for fundraising events they would hold for our family’s nonprofit. I grew up seeing so many local bands and was always in awe of them. (Fun Fact: My song request was always “Folsom Prison Blues”. I’ve always loved some good Johnny Cash!) I think that if they hadn’t taken me to see live music that young, I would not have the appreciation for music that I have today. It is pretty cool to get to tell the musicians that we used to go see that the little girl at the bar all those years ago is now making music too! I’m really thankful for the musical influences throughout my childhood. I know that was really special and not something every five-year-old got to experience.”

We continued on this pursuit by asking what is the driving force behind her, essentially what prevents her from giving up when the going gets tough.

Music Addict:

“When did you realize that this was your calling in life, and what continues to be the driving force behind your music?”


“I’ve known since a very early age that this was what I wanted to do – my baby sister passed away from a heart defect when I was very young, and I had no idea how to comfort her since I wasn’t allowed to hold her in the hospital, so I sang to her. It was my first instinct. Then, when it was time to comfort myself and my parents after she passed, I made up songs to sing on the way to the funeral and back. So, music has always been my go-to without even thinking. I always say that everything I do is because of Chloe, and everything is for her.”

Her musical journey began when she was 4 years old in the NICU, where she would sing to her baby sister. She used music as a means of coping with the unfortunate circumstances she was presented with. Since that moment in time, she knew what her calling was, to create an escape for those going through rough periods in their lives. Music, theater, and film are all means of entertainment, but they also provide something greater than that. They have the ability to create joy, laughter, sorrow, and any other emotion that truly make us human. It’s the ability to channel these emotions into creating beautiful works of art that distinguishes a true artist. Presley is a direct representation of this belief and mantra. She performs from the heart and it’s evident in her singing/songwriting, and acting.

We asked about her single: “Passenger Seat”, and the implications and inspirations associated with it. Here is what she had to say.

Music Addict:

For your song, ‘Passenger Seat’, there exists a strong sense of overcoming our fears of being alone and embracing our solidarity. What do you believe is the true meaning behind this song and what experiences served as inspiration for it?


“When I went to college, it was easily some of the best times of my life so far and some of the worst by far. I graduated high school early to go to school in California, and my first semester was cut short because of the Woolsey Fire and the Thousand Oaks shooting. It was very traumatic, and I think it left a lot of students on campus changed forever. Going back for my second year, I found myself in a pretty deep depression. I was surrounded by my best friends, who are some of the greatest people, but couldn’t shake this feeling of loneliness no matter how hard I tried. I had this sinking feeling that people saw me, but didn’t really “see” me, which is one of the loneliest feelings in the world. I think “Passenger Seat” is the feeling of being in a crowded room and never feeling more alone. There’s acceptance in it, there’s sadness in it, there’s grief in it, and yet there’s love in it.”

In “Passenger Seat”, we hear a unique sound; a blend of pop, and rock that gives us a nostalgic feel of the 80’s and 90’s. This song showcases her vocal prowess, as well as, highlighting her abilities as a songwriter. The emotion is certainly there; and it only adds to how relatable her music is, as you can’t help but feel the collateral emotion, as you progress through the song. Loneliness is something we all battle with, but we must overcome and find strength in solitude. The deeper meaning of this song is beautiful, poetic, and Presley could not have represented it any better than in “Passenger Seat”. She also released, “Happy 22!” in late July. Again, it builds upon the soft rock and pop sound with a significant emphasis on her songwriting and singing. She has such a soft touch to her vocals, giving it a girl-next-door feel, without being overly generic or simplified. It works incredibly well, and we here at Music Addict are excited for what is next in her progression as a recording artist. We asked for her take as to where she will go from here, and what we can come to expect in the mere future from her:

Music Addict:

“What is next for Presley? Any new productions we need to be on the lookout for? What does the future hold for you?”


“I have a new single coming out at the end of the month (September 24th)! I am as excited as I am nervous about this release, because it is a little different from the singles, I have put out so far. This has more of a folk-rock influence, which I just love, but I am anxious to see how audiences react to it! I am holding onto five songs right now that are waiting to be dropped, so be on the lookout for those releases! I cannot wait to share what I have with the world. My producer, Chris Garcia, really understood my vision for each song and I really think they each stand alone and tell their own complete story. I think because I come from the world of theatre, I am all about telling stories. So, I hope you are able to enter my little world with these songs!”

Presley is only 20 years old, with all the potential in the world. She has put in the blood, sweat, and tears to achieve her goals and her dreams. A well-diversified and dedicated student of the arts; she has shown the drive, the credentials, and the work ethic that we all desire in an artist. She has the look, talent, overall likeability and relatability to go far within this industry; and even beyond it. It has been a pleasure to have been able to conduct this interview and we, here at Music Addict, are really looking forward to what the future has in store for Presley.

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  1. Cheri says:

    What a true gem. It seems that this young lady, since the age of 4, has held onto her experiences and let them shape her music. After listening to her music she has become one of my favs.


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