Music Review: Nora Sänger

Nora Sänger:  The German Miss Americana

When it comes to folk rock and pop country, the American sound has always stood out. These genres heavily inspired Nora Sänger, catapulting her entire music career. As a current mother of two, the German native labels herself a, “late bloomer,” claiming her age is her superpower. As for her career, she reveals, “I was confused about what I wanted as an artist when I was younger. Knowing myself better and having gained self-confidence makes navigating though this crazy business a lot easier.“

However, her interest in music started as early as seven years old, where she began to write her own songs. By 20 years old,  Sänger began to study music in Hamburg, Germany. She focused on vocal performance, songwriting, filmmaking, and even camera acting. Sänger’s clear passion for music beamed through her studies. As she made her way into the industry, Sänger was met with ridicule. Her English lyrics did not please the eyes of the German music industry. Ironically, this aspect led her to her current day success.

Blending American Sound

Moreover, Sänger manages to go beyond traditional boundaries, mixing pop, folk and country into a unique new genre. In Sänger’s early life, her major idols consisted of American pop stars. Eventually, she came upon America’s well-known country. After hearing Rascal Flatt’s What Hurts The Most, Sänger was infatuated with the Western sound. She went on to create her highly praised debut album Almost Golden (2015).

Almost Golden modifies classic rock and country sound through harmonicas and sitar guitars. This can especially be heard in Destination, where Sänger’s vocals truly shine. With this, the twangy upbeat sound of All over the Place showcases her ability to combine both country and pop elements. Sänger describes her music as, “vintage inspired pop between funk and soul,” creating an all new sound. With influences such as Carole King, Alannah Myles, and Whitney Houston, Sänger blends 70’s soul with today’s modern pop.

Meaningful Singles

More recently, Sänger has released a multitude of singles. Her popular 2021 single Suppose I  features a  catchy acoustic guitar and wholesome lyrics. Suppose I  truly captures her talent for storytelling. Sänger has also released BE YOURSELF (2022) with a powerful message. Sänger describes the inspiration for this song being her own children. Upon noticing the sadness within many in the world, Sänger felt she knew the root issue behind it all. Too many people were living for other’s approval, instead of for themselves.

In addition, Sänger explains, “Still, I meet a lot of people who deem themselves‚ ‘not really happy‘ and I wonder: is this due to satisfying society standards instead of caring for your own personal needs and desires?“ As a loving mother, the song is a dedication and reminder to her two children. Sänger is passionate about this message, stating, “My deepest wish for my children is that they feel comfortable with themselves. That they feel accepted and loved for their innate personalities.“ The warmth and fondness of Sänger’s message can be felt through each note.


Refreshing Self Image

As stated, Sänger does not see her age as a setback. At 39 years old, Sänger feels stronger than ever before. The time it took to develop a career only created an authentic and genuine sound. Sänger never subjected herself to conforming to anything. She managed to stay true to herself, using her knowledge of various genres to create contemporary works. She puts the joy of the experience before commercial success, resulting in relatable and honest music.

In February 2022, Sänger released We’ll Make It. This single is the first of a trilogy that will showcase her obstacles as a wife and mother. With this, she also plans to release a single in regards to feminism. Sänger is not only an inspiration to mothers and musicians, but perhaps women as a whole.

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