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Meet The Artist

Lindsay Liebro is an 18-year-old Pittsburgh native who has been singing, performing, and writing songs from a young age. Strapped with her signature blue guitar, she captivates audiences with her vivid lyricism and catchy indie-pop melodies. Since pursuing her career, she has amassed over 38k monthly Spotify listeners across over 176 countries. Her most popular song to date, “Wasted Potential” has reached over 1m streams on Spotify.


Her most recent release, “Coincidence” chronicles the realization that someone is not for good for you. Even though, the person clearly still pulls at your heart strings. Liebro states that, “You keep giving this guy a million chances until you finally decide to cut him off, but you feel guilty like you’ve just ruined everything (even if there wasn’t much there to begin with). You think maybe one day you could just show up at his door and fix everything, still holding out hope even when you know you shouldn’t.” The song has already amassed over 13k streams, and was released on September 23rd, 2022.

The Process

The song took a whole year, says Liebro, from start to finish to complete. Under guidance of  producer, Daniel Folgado, Liebro acts as a co-producer, writer, and singer on this record. Regarding the creation of the song she said, “One interesting thing about this song was how it was originally intended to be this slow ballad. I was fully in tears writing this song (which I think is funny looking back on). I showed it to Natalie Bayne who is the head of my label (DanceCryDance), and she had the idea to turn it into this pop-rock song. She goes one to say “I didn’t resonate with the sadness of the song anymore, and I was just full of female rage now. I really think the production highlighted that, and I’m so happy with how it turned out.”

The message behind the heartbreak anthem is to be strong enough to walk away from toxic people. Liebro confesses, “I really hope listeners hear this song and realize their worth is not dependent on the opinion of someone else.” She expands, “Don’t waste your time on people who give you false hope or meaningless bits of affection. If you do, I hope that you can learn and become stronger because of it!”

Grammy U

A newly added member of the Grammy U community, she is excited to immerse herself in the culture, and become a student representative of her college, Belmont University, one day! Although she has a lot left to be explored, she says the experience has been amazing thus far. Stating that she got to actually watch a soundcheck for Stephen Sanchez before his Nashville show. She says she was initially attracted to Grammy U because of all the incredible opportunities, connections, and experiences they give college students.

What’s Next?

As a self proclaimed die hard ‘Swiftie,”  she draws upon influence from Taylor Swift, and Olivia Rodrigo. When asked if fans can expect a debut album in the near future, she confirmed, “I am currently working on new music set to be for an upcoming project! I don’t have many details to share, but I’m really excited about the songs I’ve been writing. I can’t wait for people to hear it!” In the meantime, make sure to stream “Coincidence,” and follow Lindsay on all her socials down below!

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