Music Review: Hinder

“2022 is going to be exciting year for Hinder. We’ve been working really hard on new music and really happy with how everything is turning out so far. I think people are going to be surprised.”

-Cody Hanson, Hinder’s Drummer

Hinder’s Greatest Hit

The successful rock band, Hinder, is well-known for their original song, “Lips of an Angel,” which swept the nation back in 2007. The group received a Rising Star Award the same year. Their most popular album, “Extreme Behavior”, rose to fame one year prior in 2006. There are a few other recognizable songs from the album, including “Get Stoned,” and “How Long.” Both songs quickly made their way to the Billboard Active Rock Top #10, along with many others. With all of these accomplishments, it’s clear to see why the band has received hundreds of millions streams on Spotify to this day.

Never Stopped Rockin’

Recently, Hinder released several albums and a couple singles with their brilliant new singer, Marshal Dutton. Dutton had been close with the band, as he worked behind the scenes, helping them write the 2010 album, “All American Nightmare.” Dutton also played as the lead guitarist and back-up vocals for his former metal band, Faktion. Hinder sounds better than ever in their newest album, “The Reign”. Two singles shortly followed this album in 2019. Hinder also released a phenomenal rendition of The Eagles’, “Life in the Fast Lane,” and their newest original, “Halo”. Hinder is proving their unchanged talent and hit alternative rock sound on their 2022 tour for “The Reign”.

Overall, Hinder’s ability to produce great rock music only improved with time. Original fans will feel the nostalgia of the early 2000’s, while new and younger fans will get to experience the grunge rock that they may have been too young to remember in its peak. Hinder will fill the playlists of the younger generations, as they did decades ago. With both their amazing new music and renowned rock style, Hinder continues their journey of lifelong success.

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