Alexa Rae is Crashing In

Between Keith Moon and Taylor Hawkins, rock knows many excellent drummers. Often lauded as the heartbeat of music, drummers drive music forward. Drummers provide a versatile energy that bands can’t do without. Drummers remain responsible for making our favorite music exciting. As the music industry evolves and new artists rush in, no one is crashing into the industry with as much force as Alexa Rae.

Who is Alexa Rae?

Alexa Rae is a rock drummer and instrumentalist hailing from Southern California. With over 154,000 followers on Instagram and over 55,000 subscribers on YouTube, Rae amassed an impressive following through her skillful and entertaining musicianship. Her showmanship and energy is unmatched and serves her well both on and offline. In addition to her loyal social media following, audiences across the country enjoyed her unique music stylings while she toured with the alternative rock band Liliac. During Liliac’s 2023 tour, the band’s hard rock stylings showcased Rae’s invigorating energy and eclectic showmanship. Similar to AreJay Hale of Halestorm, Rae’s drums hit like a kick to the gut in all the best ways. She energizes her audience with amazing gusto and puts on some of the most memorable performances of any rock drummer in the past 20 years.

Trusting the Process

Rae’s biggest asset isn’t her drumming expertise or the wow-factors of her performances. Her biggest asset lies in her commitment to the process. At the end of 2023, Rae posted her six-year journey as a drummer. Throughout the video, she becomes much more comfortable with the instrument. From 2017 to 2023, Rae learned to trust her technique so that she could have fun when she played. She grew into her personal performing style where she is both commanding and engaging. She plays with such fluidity and finesse, even with the most difficult of songs. Watching her go from her bedroom drum set to a professional tour was inspiring. She truly embodies the limitless possibilities musicians can have if they commit to their passion.

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