The album Saviors is the album by legendary Bay Area band, Green Day. 

“Saviors”, is a refreshing change from Green Day’s 2020 album “Father of All Motherf***ers”. While FOAMF sounded over-produced and poppy, the sound on this album is more focused on the band’s signature style of pop-punk. Two standout tracks on the album are “Look Ma No Brains” and “1981”, which showcase Green Day and their ability to create melodic and memorable songs. “Look Ma No Brains” is reminiscent of a song from The Ramones, with similar lyrical content and sound.

The Songs

One of the other standout songs in the album is “Bobby Sox“, which has a different sound compared to the other tracks. In this song, Billie Joe’’s voice sounds a bit tougher than usual, and Mike’s bass playing is especially impressive. The song itself is a playful yet romantic song that describes the innocence of love and relationships “Coma City” is one of the more political songs of the album with the lyrics describing twisted and dark imagery of police brutality. This song could have been on their 2004 album, “American Idiot”.

The album is not entirely political but instead mostly offers a more mature approach to the band’s reflections on life, be it political or personal. It covers a range of topics that have impacted the band members’ lives. For instance, it delves into Billie Joe Armstrong’s struggles with alcoholism and shares personal wisdom with his two sons. Additionally, the album expresses views on current American life, which rely too much on social media and follow not-so-desirable famous figures.


The lyrics in this album are generally more mature, but Green Day still manages to maintain their signature Pop Punk sound, which sounds as great as ever. Listening to this album feels like welcoming an old friend that you’ve grown up with back into your life, and realizing that they’re still as awesome as ever.


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