Which DAW Are You?

Which DAW Are You?

To the modern producer, the amount of digital audio workstations (DAWs) available on the market can feel overwhelming. Each one contains a certain set of characteristics that sets it apart from the others. Just like Disney Princesses or pasta dishes, there is a certain DAW that, perhaps, aligns with your personality more so than the rest. So before you open up your workstation of choice to produce that quarantine concept album, take this quiz to discover your DAW alter-ego.

  • How are you passing the time during the quarantine?
  1. Taking hikes and staying active
  2. Video chatting with friends
  3. Cooking and trying new recipes
  4. Learning TikTok dances
  • What instruments can you play?
  1. Does a drum machine count?
  2. I’m mainly a vocalist, but I know just enough guitar and piano to accompany myself.
  3. None, but I can make some interesting sounds come out of an old Moog synthesizer that looks like a giant patch bay.
  4. I have mastered every instrument I have come in contact with.
  • What aspect of music technology are you most interested in?
  1. Live sound or DJing
  2. Production
  3. Audio engineering
  4. MIDI and synthesis
  • What is the most atrocious thing you’ve ever done in a recording studio?
  1. Never been in one
  2. Forgot hard drive
  3. Slept on a foam gobo during a session
  4. ungodly cable wrapping technique
  • Do you floss?
  1. No, but not in a gross way. There aren’t any food particles in my teeth, just plaque.
  2. Yes, I like the pain that flossing inflicts on my gums.
  3. No, I don’t have time for that frivolous nonsense.
  4. Only when I can feel a bit of food stuck in my teeth.
  • What is your DAW of choice?
  1. I use FL Studio to produce the beats I put up on my Soundcloud. My stage name is xxxlilemosadboyxxx.
  2. Pro Tools. I’m a professional and any other DAW isn’t worth my time.
  3. DAWs are for posers, my setup is completely analog. My only friends are the rats living in my console.
  4. Garageband is as good as anything. All I need is my audio interface and my MIDI controller. My shoegaze album is coming out in June btw.

MOSTLY As – Ableton

You are a performer! Your star power could never be caught dead behind the scenes! You most likely have a passion for beat-making, or have seriously considered playing a set in a subway station for money. The only instrument you need is your laptop. What does audio engineering even mean anyway?

MOSTLY Bs – Pro Tools

As the industry standard, you set a good example! You take care of yourself and you don’t mess around. You’re also fairly sociable, kind of like the way you take your Pro Tools session from computer to computer via iLok. You’re ambitious when it comes to production and engineering, but don’t let that distract you from where this all started – your passion for music. Loosen up a bit, friend!

MOSTLY Cs – Reason

Way to go! You’re odd ball! No one quite understands you, but you like being mysterious. You don’t care what other people think, for better or for worse. You’re old-school and, when it comes to producing, you like throwing the faders and turning the knobs. It’s complicated stuff, so you must be a hard worker. Keep it up, you silly goose!

MOSTLY Ds – Logic Pro

You have it all! You’re creative, trendy, and reliable. You’re most likely a songwriter, but you’re probably more instrumentally oriented than vocally. You describe both your music taste and fashion sense as “alternative”, and you’re smart enough to know that indie isn’t a genre -grr!

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