“Now it’s not often one is totally gobsmacked by a band…I was not expecting what I heard at the ROCKPILE WEST on Friday… The Singer’s voice, WAAAAY bigger than she was. The entire place went silent, attention drawn to the stage the crowd started to move forward to see the band… I sat in stunned silence, we were all so mesmerized. Vinyl Ambush is a band to watch out for…. a tightly knit group of very talented and accomplished musicians who appear to be perfectly in sync with each other.” Pat Blythe – New Discoveries

Toronto band Vinyl Ambush has been grabbing headlines for their innovative songwriting and killer performances. Their roots are in rock, pop, and punk music, but they truly make them their own. Vocalist Belle Matthews has been working creatively with bassist Corwin Boz Bjelic for four years. They were joined by drummer Jack Laing and guitarist Pedro Alvarado for a series of country-wide competitions. Together, they have had success in the Canadian music scene, and have had song placements in films, major TV series, magazine features, and radio shows.

Belle is a well‐known, seasoned veteran on the stages of Toronto and beyond. She has appeared at The Imperial Room, Lee’s palace, Canadian Music Week, and The Mod Club. With her incredible vocals ranging from rock to jazz, her sound is unmatched by any artist.

Corwin’s complex bass lines and years of performances meld with incredible talent to write explosive rock songs for the band. Combined with Jack’s sensational drum talent and Pedro’s aggressive, melodic guitar riffs, Vinyl Ambush blows their audiences away with their tight sound, electric energy and mind‐blowing lyrics.

Ranking in the top ten Canadian indie bands, Vinyl Ambush is bringing a fresh sound to today’s rock scene!

Their website showcases the incredible musical journey this band has taken, including their video going viral around the world and top-ten finishes in several Canadian music competitions. Vinyl Ambush is putting out original songs on a regular basis, including the official video for their two newest releases in 2020, “Hollywood Casualties” and “Sweet Tongues.” Currently, the band is working on their next big hit, “Blood Sugar.” Check out Vinyl Ambush on all platforms, including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“Vinyl Ambush energized the room with their stupendous originals, featuring bassist Corwin Bjelic, drummer Jack Laing, guitarist Pedro Alvarado, and acclaimed front woman Belle Matthews, as they exploded their punky metal uniqueness. Cranking out their songs “Curiosity,” unleashing “Alien” & “Hollywood Casualties.” Blending in a brand new song “Occupation,” then introducing their most popular piece, “Let It Rain” (which appeared on Dark Matter TV on the Space Channel in 2017), just letting er rip with hit after hit including my fave, “Talk Sick” right into the newest song, “Space Head.” Grab their autographs soon, as these kids are destined for stardom. Catch them in a city nearest you.” Deb Draper ‐‐ The Wire Magazine


Hollywood Casualties

Sweet Tongues


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