Verification Requests

Verification Requests on Music Addict
At Music Addict, we value the authenticity and credibility of our members’ profiles. To ensure a secure and legitimate community, we have implemented a verification process for our users. This verification process involves submitting verification requests through our dedicated help desk. Read on to understand the process and the steps to follow for verification.
1. Purpose of Verification:
Verification serves as a means to authenticate the identity and credibility of our members on It enables users to showcase their credibility, establish trust within the community, and gain access to additional features and benefits offered exclusively to verified members.
2. Submission Process:
To request verification, members are required to follow these steps:
   a. Access the Help Desk:
      – Visit and navigate to the ‘Help desk’ section.
      – Click on the ‘Verification Requests’ page or link.
   b. Fill out the Request Form:
      – Members will find a verification request form on the ‘Verification Requests’ page.
      – Provide accurate and complete information in all the necessary fields. This may include, but is not limited to, name, stage name (if applicable), email address associated with the account, social media profiles, and any supporting documents or portfolio links.
   c. Attach Supporting Documents (if required):
      – Depending on the nature of verification, additional supporting documents may be requested by Music Addict.
      – Examples of supporting documents include official identification documents (e.g., passport, driver’s license), official industry certifications, previous work samples, or links to public profiles on renowned platforms.
   d. Submitting the Request:
      – Once the form is complete and any required documents are attached, users can submit the verification request.
      – A confirmation email will be sent acknowledging the receipt of the request and providing an approximate timeframe for processing.
3. Verification Process:
The verification process typically involves a comprehensive examination of the submitted information and supporting documents by the team. The verification team will assess the authenticity and accuracy of the provided details, ensuring they align with the standards and requirements set by
4. Notification and Status Update:
Users will be notified of the verification status via email once the verification process is complete. The verification statuses include:
   a. Verified:
      – Members who successfully complete the verification process will receive a confirmation email stating their verified status.
      – Verified members enjoy additional benefits, including increased visibility, access to exclusive features, and a verified badge displayed on their profile page.
   b. Rejected:
      – If a verification request is rejected, the member will receive an email explaining the reasons for rejection.
      – Members may resubmit their request after addressing the issues mentioned, if applicable.
5. Assistance and Support:
For any queries, concerns, or further assistance regarding verification requests, members may reach out to our customer support via the Help Desk or the provided contact information.
At Music Addict, we strive to foster a trusted and credible community for music enthusiasts. The verification process ensures that our members are genuine and contributes to a safe and reliable environment for all.

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