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Bio: Pitchfork calls Los Angeles-based synth-rockers, The Eiffels, “a young band on a quest to  chart its own space between rock and pop.” Forbes describes their sound as “neon grooves,”  and Alternative Press calls their music “anthemic and vivacious.” Their song “More” was  the opening track to Netflix’s hit movie The Kissing Booth 2, and their music has appeared  everywhere from video games (Rock Band 4) to MTV. 

Their buzz led to a spot on the final Van’s Warped Tour and opening for artists like X  Ambassadors and Plain White T’s. Their debut EP was hailed by Baeble Music as an  “opening salvo that any band would dream of,” and was the 15th most added record on U.S.  college radio. They’ve since seen spins from stations like Los Angeles’ KROQ and KLOS,  and San Diego’s 91X and Z90. 

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Overall review: 

  • Social media presence is excellent 

o In particular the band website, love the modular layout with the focus being on  content fans and potential fans want to see (music videos, news about the band,  signing up for the newsletter) 

  • Band imagery is right on brand for the image the music lends itself to 
  • Love the engagement with fans on social media, accessibility is pertinent for creating a  dedicated following 
  • Would like to see an LP or EP coming soon 

o With the last EP having been from 2015 it’s time to give fans an experience  outside of listening to new Eiffels songs one at a time 

o An album is a different experience than listening track by track, it’s a journey  curated by an artist for a fan to live through, it’s time an Eiffels fan has that even  if it means two to three years before they get it 

  • Vocal style change from the You Got Me Single bundle to the “Body Like That” Single is  apparent

The “nitty-gritty” review: 

  • “Patient” Single 

o Excellent upbeat vibe consistent throughout the song 

o Progression of the song is very natural; all instruments add to one another and  have an awesome build up to the chorus 

o Meant for radio play. Positive, catchy hook, and perfect length for broadcasting o Mastering 

“Oh ohhs” could be brought forward in the mix, made louder 

  • Same with the “whisper-ish” pre-chorus 
  • “Spin Around” Single 

o Great use of retro synth in intro 

o Relatable, everyone knows the feeling of meeting a stranger they feel this way  towards 

Reminds the listener of a time when this kind of environment portrayed  was existent in our society 

o Anthemic 

o Synth parts remind me of Daft Punk in a very good way 

o Lyrics match the feel and emotion the instrumentation portrays 

o Mastering 

Vocals in general could be more prominent 

  • Especially in chorus 
  • Reverb effect feels overcrowded sometimes, ~2:23 

o Drums too loud here for being what’s anchoring the rhythm  

and not being the highlighted instrument throughout this  


All other instrumentation work together really well 

  • Small distortion, synth sounds, retro drums, all of this blends really  

well together 

o Bass line is another stand out section 

  • “Heartbeat” Single 

o Cover and intro remind me of something from Duran Duran 

o 0:57 – 1:10 is an insane arrangement, love it  

o Build to chorus and post chorus are the best parts of the song 

Chorus can be a little too repetitive for only being 6 words 

o The second breakdown and building up to the final chorus could have been more  explosive to drive home the point 

The first breakdown felt unnecessary and got me lost in where I was in the  song, made the progression and development hard to follow mentally 

  • “Body Like That” Single 

o Love the level of distortion on guitar for the feel of the song 

o Bass in pre-chorus is perfect 

o Catchy but slightly too long chorus for easy remembering, end of the hook is very  memorable though 

o Does a good job at commenting on your partner’s body without over-sexualizing  or objectifying it 

  • You Got Me Single bundle

o “Coming to See You” 

A good, simple song structure with easily remembered chorus 

  • Love the break from vocals ~2:10, gives instrumentation it’s time  

to shine, which is deserved in this song 


  • Drums echo too much, unless that was by intent 

o “You Got Me” 

LOVE the synth intro 

Not crazy about the one verse cutting off / overlapping with the whisper /  distorted vocal in the pre-chorus 

Would have liked to see more of a melodic hook that included more lyrics  than “You got me” 

  • Anthemic rhythm makes up for this in some compacity 

Great topic, hits me in the feels and takes me back to when I felt these  things for someone 

Echoes and callbacks towards the end of the song make it feel very retro  and adds to another layer of “vintage” the entire song oozes in the best  way possible 

o “Now or Never” 

Pre-chorus is very lengthy with not much pay off in the chorus 

  • Chorus is catchy and tells of a unique perspective 

All in all, a very solid song that’s concise and straight to the point about  living your life, especially while your young, excellent for radio play 

The Eiffels – EP 

o “I Did It Now” 

Mysterious intro, I love it! And that mysterious vibe continues with the  used of the distorted synth, adds a lot to the lead up to the verse 

A little lost on the meaning of the song, who got caught for what? 


  • Bass line is perfectly placed in the mix and gives the pre-chorus so  much power that it wouldn’t have had without it 

o “More” 

Great progression of the song, naturally develops 

  • Building up and bringing down hype to save it for the chorus was  

done really well 

Very relatable! Everyone, I think literally everyone, has felt this feeling,  where they’ve wanted to be “more” with someone they admire that they’re  either strangers or friends with. 

  • Relatability = recipe for success 

Distortion / white noise outro, wonderful! 


  • The layered voices ~2:34 should have been more powerful and in  

front in the mix, giving a certain power to that feeling of wanting  


o “City All Night”

The echoing of verse lines feels a little redundant and doesn’t add to the  song 

  • The simple AA BB verse scheme of ~1:23 would have been more  appropriate 


  • The crispness of the vocals is very refreshing 
  • Rhythm guitar at ~2:00 could be more prevalent 

o “I’m Ready” 

I can feel the ambition of the lyrical themes right off the bat, really strong  start 

  • A song about ambition that doesn’t come across as cringey is a  really nice change of pace! Really handled the subject matter well Empowering message comes through in both vocals and instrumentation

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