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Pete Thompson

Music Producer & Consultant
Pete Thompson has 45+ years experience as an international touring and session drummer. In 1972, Pete joined the U.K. band Silverhead which toured Europe, the U.S, and Japan with Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Nazareth and Kiss. He has worked with Robin Trower, Robert Plant, Pete Haycock, Melanie, Eric Bibb, David Byron, Ken Hensley, The Detroit Emeralds, Musique, and many others over his career.  He was awarded Silver, Gold, and Platinum albums for his work on Robert Plant’s 1982 release “Fate of Nations”.  In 1987, NAIRD (National Association of Independent Distributors) voted Thompson “Best Rock Drummer” for his performance on Robin Trower’s “Passion”. He has appeared on numerous albums, TV and radio shows.
Originally from South-End-On-Sea, England, Pete moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 2007 where he established his own studio, Texas Central Productions. There he records and produces his own music and that of many local artists in and around North Texas. He has recorded, produced, and/or performed on 30+ releases that were made at his studio.  TCP offers recording, production, mixing, mastering, session tracks, drum lessons, cd and website design services.
Pete is well known for his skill as a drummer, he also plays bass, guitar, sings, and composes. He released his first solo album “Open Window” in 2012 and collaborated with two of Ft Worth’s legendary guitarists, Rusty Burns and Buddy Whittington, on the project.  “Too Close to the Sun” followed in 2016 and showcases his ability to write and produce in a wide variety of genres. Never short of ideas, a third album is in the works.