Sophia Gonzon

“No voice is too soft when that voice speaks for others.” A beautiful quote from actress, Janna Cachola; It is a representation as to who Sophia Gonzon is as an artist and as a person. An advocate for anti-bullying, Sophia prides herself in being a voice for the voiceless in promoting unity and harmony amongst ourselves and our peers. A bullying survivor herself, she understands how difficult it is to overcome the negativity and become a better person as a result. She found her escape in music, and she has since dedicated her life in creating that same escape for those in need.

We began by asking her what the motivation behind her music is, and what has truly inspired her to become her best self; both personally and professionally.

Music Addict:
“Hi Sophia, it’s a pleasure to have you here on Music Addict. I want to start off by getting to know the person behind the music. What has motivated you to keep striving to achieve your goals and reach your full potential, both in music and as a human being?”

“One of my biggest motivations being able to help other people through their battles of life, showing them they’re not alone and they deserve the best. I feel like it’s my purpose. It’s why I was given my struggles and put on this planet to begin with.”

We continued by asking how she has been able to manage her promising career trajectory while also having time to enjoy the little things and be a teenager.

Music Addict:
“You are still so young, with all the potential in the world. Being in this industry is a full-time job so I’m curious as to how you are able to manage your career trajectory, while still having time to be a teenager and enjoy the little things?”

“I’ve been sick all through high school with chronic illnesses along with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. So, I’m used to missing out on stuff, but it keeps me home where all my animals are, my happy place. I know that after a long session I can come home to them.”

Here we have a glimpse into who she is, behind the music and spotlight. A simple gal, who enjoys being home with her family and her adoring animals. She doesn’t gravitate to the extravagances of this industry, instead opting for just simply being able to help another through the hardships of life.

We touched on her single, “Dancing with the devil” and what influenced her to release such a strong and powerful sound that touches on sentimental topics that anyone can relate to.

Music Addict:
“In “Dancing with the Devil”, you touch on sentimental aspects of relationships and friendships. What inspired you to make such a powerful and meaningful track? Can we as fans expect this type of emotion and dedication in every song or project you produce?”

“I’ve witnessed and been in some bad relationships and I know how hard it can be to escape. I wanted to show that it’s okay to draw your line. Yes of course, I love music and my songs come from my heart and my personal experiences.”

She currently is working on 5 upcoming releases that everyone should be on the lookout for. She is gearing towards a pop/punk type of sound, like that of Avril Lavigne. It would be a welcoming addition to what has become a saturated market. The rock scene in general has faltered so far in the new decade; a fresh face and sound could create a renaissance in the genre and its associated subgenres.

Sophia possesses immense talent and potential that can lead her on the path to superstardom. Her geniality is sincere and her approach to her musical craft is a call for praise. She has all the right tools to become a prominent fixture in the music industry. The world is in your hands, just keep striving for greatness and it will be yours! It was a pleasure to have been able to conduct this article. Music Addict is excited for the future and wish you continued success in your journey!

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