Slight Return’s single “Weekend Homewreck” feat. Christian Vegh remained at  #10 on the DRT Global Rock Charts for over 4 weeks and remained in the top 15 for 8 weeks! 

Slight Return songs “Vicious Tides” and “Warrior’s Soul” feat. Andy Vargas and Dennis Chambers both reached #13 on the DRT Global Rock Charts!

Slight Return hails from Detroit, MI, one of the most iconic musical cities on the planet!   They blend the attitude of Detroit with the groove, funk, and psychedelic sounds of the world!  Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Robin Trower,  YOU WILL HEAR THE INFLUENCES OF THE GREATS, BUT THE SOUND IS 100% PERCENT SLIGHT RETURN!!

What are people saying about Slight Return:

Slight Return is best described in a Detroit music publication as “One of the funkiest bands on the Detroit scene yet!  The band mixes it up with original material that seems to blend the past with the present and the future. Think Rage Against The Machine and The Red Hot Chili Peppers meet Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower and Santana at a jam session and then go out for some barbecue afterwards”.

Steven Roby, who has written for Rolling Stone, Billboard, Guitar World and  published  three books  – “Hendrix On Hendrix” “Black Gold” and “Becoming Jimi Hendrix” and taught a University class on Jimi Hendrix at Berkeley College in CA,  reviewed Slight Return’s “Welcome to the D” album and wrote the following: “Detroit’s Slight Return is back with Welcome To The D, their fifth and strongest album. The 12-track CD is packed with guest appearances that feature George Clinton (“Funky People” and “Shake your Detroit Right”), Davey Pattison, of Robin Trower/Ronnie Montrose fame (“Horse Left The Stable”), Motown legend Dennis Coffey (“Tale of Two Band”), and Jimi Hendrix’s former bassist Billy Cox, who sings and plays bass on the Hendrix medley “Stone Free/3rd Stone from the Sun”. Make no mistake, despite the guest stars here; the core of this album has a solid foundation due to a tight band. Mark Kassa’s guitar playing is edgy, and Jack Endino and Chris Hanzsek’s production work make it shine. Slight Return also features Ronnie Karmo (drums), Tony Mitchell (percussion), and Mike Schneider (bass) who give the band its signature sound.  In the second half of the album, Slight Return proves they can stretch out on tracks like “Move ‘em on Out” and “Ignorance” and “Resistance.” I can definitely hear Chili Pepper and Rage Against The Machine influences, but with a more contemporary feel. Slight Return have had the distinction of opening for the legendary guitarist Robin Trower, and no doubt are on their way to headlining status soon.”

 Kevin Stein- HBO, Paramount, Columbia, CBS, Warner Bros, MTV, VH1, NBC Sports, CBS, founder of the Jimi Hendrix Foundation.  “Mark Kassa and Slight Return are the real deal! Mark is a fierce guitarist who is carrying the the flame for Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan but in his own inimitable way!

Steven Sadler- Co-Founder and Producers of Folktellers- “Being a Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan fan for many years- it’s a pleasure to meet someone in the same class.  His performances are epic.”

Meet The Band:

Mark Kassa- Guitar/Vocals– Voting Member of the Grammy Awards (The Recording Academy-Chicago Chapter), Graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.   Has written/recorded/produced with George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member),  Tony Lindsay (8X Grammy Award Winner), Andy Vargas (lead vocalist for the legendary Santana Band), Billy Cox (bassist for Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys), Dennis Coffey (guitarist from the Motown Funk Brothers), Tony “T Money” Green (bassist for Snoop DoggDr DreThe Dramatics, and Death Row Records), Davey Pattison (vocalist for Robin TrowerMontrose, and Gamma), Pat Lewis (vocalist with Aretha Franklin and  P-Funk) and legendary drummer Dennis Chambers (SantanaSteely DanP-FunkJackson 5), Pete Thompson (Robert Plant, Robin Trower, Silverhead), Glenn Letsch (Journey, Gamma, Greg Allman, Robin Trower), orchestral Oud player Victor Ghannam, Jack Endino and Chris Hanzsek in Seattle, WA (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, and the famed “Sub Pop” label out of Seattle), Jim Diamond in Detroit, MI (Jack White and The White Stripes), Alan Sanderson-San Diego, CA (Elton John and The Rolling Stones), Frank Jamal (Aretha Franklin), and International Latin Recording Artist Gustavo Alarco.

Endorsed by the Shin-ei “Vibe Bro” Univibe company alongside guitar greats Kenny Wayne ShepherdEric JohnsonDoyle BramhallOz Noy, and Michael Landau.

Tony Mitchell- percussion/vocals– Tony is a veteran lifelong musician that has jammed with Motown legends like David RuffinEarl Van Dyke and others.  He has toured the US extensively with his bands “Immunity” and “Full Nelson”.

Ronnie Karmo- Drums– Ronnie is a pro drummer that has been involved in many professional Detroit music projects with several Detroit bands.

William Pope- Bass– Pro bassist and session musician that has played at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Japan, Russia, the UK, Alaska and more.

Christian Vegh- Guitar/Vocals.  Berklee College of Music Alumni, American Federation of Musicians’ “Charles McDaniel Award, He has also received the Berklee College of Music Scholarship and Generation Blues Scholarship from the Blues Society of Memphis.  Skilled in Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Pop.