Season of Ghosts

Every so often I run across a band that catches my interest. Season of Ghosts, a female fronted band deemed “cinematic electro-metal,” has done that. They feature great vocals and songwriting that can steal center stage at any show. Listen to their music and check out their info below and they’ll make you a fan too!

Season of Ghosts is a spiritually groundbreaking, intergalactic music project, dedicated to the love for the unseen and film soundtracks. Serving up a brash mix of guitar riffs, harsh electronics, and powerful, compelling vocals, through the eerie spectrum of a Sci-Fi or horror movie, Season of Ghosts has received critical acclaim worldwide for its cross-genre sound and soul-awakening, motivational storytelling.

Conceived by Sophia Aslanides, in the heart of Tokyo and completed by Zombie Sam, drawing influences from Japanese, American and European heavy rock and metal, the project came to life in 2013. They released their debut album, THE HUMAN PARADOX, in 2014.

Season Of Ghosts was definitely something different from the norm that spoke of huge potential. The fanbase that followed Sophia in the aftermath of her split from Japanese trance metal act, Blood Stain Child, grew, finding deeper roots as time moved forward. This was thanks to the band’s authentic connection to its audience and its passionate performances.

In 2018, Season Of Ghosts created an unapologetic, cinematic album, titled A LEAP OF FAITH, that, according to Sophia, was “An honest, in-your-face, loud statement, a reminder to ourselves that we’re still alive. A piece of our soul, raw, the way the universe whispered it to us.” The band, now based in London, U.K., has appeared at some of the most notable festivals, venues and comic conventions worldwide, alongside Lacey Sturm (ex- Flyleaf), Share Ross (VIXEN), Therion, Xandria, Sirenia, Leaves’ Eyes, Yousei Teikoku, and JUPITER, among others. They are currently manifesting a third studio album.

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Source: Bio by Carl Begai and Featured image from Season of Ghost

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