Roomie Official Review

Roomie Official Review  

By Madison Chimack 

He is a music content creator with many names. He is also an artist that goes by Lil Pitchy with songs like “Livni’ for That,” “Just for You,” and “It Kills Me,” He wrote those songs. Writing the lyrics and creating the melody, and posting them on YouTube and other websites. 

Jole who is from Sweeten lived in London, and movie to LA. Jole also goes by Roomie and he started as a cover artist. He also has original songs “Roomie & Friends: covers, Vol.1,” an album of songs like “Roar,” “Applause,”  “Perfume,” and “Roxanne/Roxanne.” His original songs are “Own You,” and “Worth It,” He posts them on all musical websites like apple music and Spotify 

Roomie Official with Jole as the content creator, he has 7.43 million subscribers and 693 videos. Joles’s first video that he created was One Guy (singing impressions). He also does music commentary, VS series like Pop VS Rock, 16 levels of singing, and collaborations with other YouTubers. He also got experimental with his videos just to see what would stick. 

Jole from Roomie Official is the jack of all trades. He is two artists Roomie and Lil Pitchy, He also is a content creator on YouTube. Working hard to entertain the viewers and dedicate but it could also be a little protected at times. Along with all that he can inspire the viewer to listen to new music, create a playlist, create their own music. 


Author: Madison

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