Prince Ivan (Let Her Be Beautiful)

Prince Ivan (Let Her Be Beautiful)

Review by Liv Just

Prince Ivan is a Branson, Missouri-based songwriting, production and performing duo consisting of Brydon Brett and Aaron Space. Describing themselves as social agents, Prince Ivan use their SpectraPop style and meaningful lyrics to eradicate cultural and musical barriers and draw attention to social issues. Their songwriting, performance, and production techniques are very polished, as evidenced by their many accomplishments, including opening for AJ Mclean of the Backstreet Boys and charting in the Top 50 iTunes indie chart. Let Her Be Beautiful also features in “The Never List”.

Let Her Be Beautiful is a song about breaking down toxic relationships with unattainable expectations. The chorus lyrics speak of letting “her be good enough” and letting “her know she’s more than just that girl you call when you’re lonely”.

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The track opens with a fast panned filter sweep into the intro, followed by verse lyrics that paint a clear picture of the relationship dynamic forming the song’s backbone. The pre-chorus is clearly defined and builds energy subtly with crisp production before a stop on beat three. Enter some acapella vocals and delicious harmonies on beat 4, and then the bass drop on beat 1, and you have an extremely effective anacrusis that hits every time. The chorus features a juicy syncopated bass which creates a dance-inducing groove. The chorus hook is a stroke of musical genius, with syncopation on “let her be”, followed by straight quavers on “beautiful”, making it über catchy and singable.

The track’s production is a stand out feature of the song, along with smooth main vocals and dense harmonies that elevate the music without overpowering the track. Prince Ivan take us on a genuinely captivating sonic journey in their track, Let Her Be Beautiful. Give them a follow and join their quest for unity, equality, and love as they seek to change the world, one fun, fresh track at a time.

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