New Style of Music: Nostalgia

New Style of Music: Nostalgia

By Madison Chimack

Edited By : Ley Montijo

If it ain’t broke, then don’t dare fix it!

Artists today like Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, the Weekend, new artists such as Remi Wolf, Suzi Wu, and even K-pop stars like BTS, are re-inventing the wheel by bringing back music from the ’70s, ’80s, 90’s, and even the 2000’s. By putting their own spin on it, they are creating a new genre for the future: Nostalgia.

2020 was the year for artists to prove ground breaking heights, in the exploration of experimental music. Dua Lipa, finding inspiration from the music she listened to, is blending two genres together, pop, and what we consider now as ‘the oldies’ or classics. Some examples include, “Don’t Start Now”, “Love Again”, and “Break My Heart”, using a style of disco and blending it with pop.

BTS wrote a song similar to the course of wave of the ‘Nostalgia Movement’ : “Dynamite”, the disco song of 2020, was a feel-good single. BTS also used the style of disco in their 2021 song “Butter”  and “Permission to Dance” , with K pop. Their style is more hard pop sounds from the 2010’s; like trap and dub-step. This is a new way for the K pop boy-band to create music.

Suzi Wu creates her own style of blending Nostalgia with electronica, using influences from 90’s punk. . She uses analogies like Limp Bizkit in her song “High Way”. She uses the line ‘my way or the high way’  from “My Way” by Limp Bizkit. Suzi also references punk with the rest of her EP “Error 404” and her single “Eat Them Apples”.

Remi Wolf uses 2000’s influence, with her own swag. “Juno”, Remi Wolf’s new album, has the rapping styles of Beck, RMB pop from the 2000s, using nostalgic technology like a looper. It’s showcased in three of her songs: “Grumpy Old Man”, “Guerrilla”, and “Liquor Store”, where she showcases her Beck influenced, own personal style.

The year of 2020 and the year of 2021, having a new musical style, that blends pop with the oldies is a new way of looking at music. Nostalgia is a way to listen at the styles that came before us, and with this new blend of pop, it could become the way we listen to music now.

Author: Madison

I am an intern for music addict. I am a music lover. Also a music creator. I am studying Communications as a public relations person. And my minor is cinema. I am more interested in cinema. I am a very creative person. And I am looking forward to meeting more creative people.

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