Musician Liam Turner

By Bailey Scheufler

Born and raised in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, musician Liam Turner inspires many with a new sound and upcoming EP.

Lately, Turner has been doing many bar gigs in Melbourne, Australia, and working on new music. His EP got lined up for later this year.

Music has always been part of Turner’s life. He first got into the music scene through open mic nights. His mom is also a musician and helped him line up some open mic spots. Turner’s family inspired him to make music.

“They’re not very musically-minded,” Turner said, “But they’ve done everything that they could to support me my whole life.”

Furthermore, there was a time in his life where he wasn’t doing anything musically. He was studying to be an electrical engineer.

“My life just felt miserable,” Turner said. “So, I decided that I needed to make a change and be more active in the music industry.”

His music says a lot about him. He doesn’t write from explicit personal experiences but tries to evoke moods that he’s felt.

“My music is very contemplative and reflective, which I definitely am,” Turner said.

Because Turner is still new to the music scene, his career has been pretty lowkey thus far, but he is looking forward to growing as a musician. Recently, one of his favorite moments was playing one of his first headliners at Whole Lotta Love Bar.

Not to mention, there’s a lot that Turner enjoys about being an artist. He enjoys getting to perform in front of people and engaging with them. He’s also met some interesting and hilarious people while playing at bars.

“I also love creating things,” Turner said, “At the end of my songwriting process, I’ve got this tangible thing that I can listen to and share with others.”

One of the most crucial lessons he’s learned so far in his music career is to write music for yourself.

“The music industry is so heavily dependent on numbers and quantitative measures of success,” Turner said, “How many streams you have, how many followers you have. So, it’s really easy to get caught up in that. But, if you’re writing music that you genuinely enjoy, you’ve always got one person listening.”

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