Musician Collette Astle

By Bailey Scheufler

Born in Laguna Beach, CA, and raised in Laguna Niguel, CA, and Laguna Hills, CA, musician Collette Astle soars into showing her new project releases.

Music-wise, Astle has a big project in the pipeline. Last month, she recorded a full-length album at ‘June Audio’ released later this summer. She is also currently mixing, mastering, and getting everything ready for the release.

She has always loved music, singing, and songwriting, but it was always more of a hobby and did privately.

“Honestly,” Astle mentioned, “I turned to really pursuing a career in music during the pandemic.”

She comes from a family of artists and musicians, so she is inspired by them. Her dad was a songwriter and lead singer of a band, while her mom was a piano teacher. Currently, all her siblings have bands and music projects of their own.

“Watching them all pursue their music projects helped inspire me to make mine,” Astle said.

So far, since she is still starting her music career, her highlight has been seeing a song that she wrote in her bedroom alone become a full-blown song. It is an incredible feeling, she claimed.

Furthermore, she is still new to the music scene, so she has many lessons to learn. She has learned thus far in her venture into a career in music that if you have an artistic vision, it is crucial to stay true to it.

“While it’s good to take constructive feedback, at the end of the day, you know what it is that you need and want to make,” Astle said.

Her music says about her are the words that she is too afraid to tell and her feelings too scared to show. It is her innermost fears, vulnerabilities, heartbreaks, anger, joy, and love.

One of the things she loves most about being an artist is that she gets constantly surrounded by other passionate, talented, and loving people.

“The artistic community is so inclusive and awesome, and I honestly feel lucky just to be part of it,” Astle said.

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