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Ian Woolley

Writer and Podcaster

Having worked in the music and entertainment business since he was 21, he founded QB Productions in 2018, working in various capacities with supplying celebrities from the world of music and TV. Including interviews, book signings, ’an audience with’ theatre shows, guest trivia appearances to individual performances and charity events.

He writes monthly columns for the UK-based Beat Magazine, interviewing many worldwide pop artists across all genres of the music industry which includes reviewing autobiographies, books as well as new albums and singles. He also writes reviews of gigs and shows at various venues and theatres around the UK.

Recently he launched his online ‘WoolleysBeat’ podcast, where he interviews many pop artists, including authors of music-related books and autobiographies, as well as those that work on TV and Radio.

As a lover of many genres of music since his teens, Ian’s knowledge is without question and although he has worked with many established acts down the years, has always been keen to promote upcoming new bands and artists.

His motto is ‘you never pass a good busker by’!


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