Mackenzie O’Brien (Go Ahead and Kiss Me)

Mackenzie O’Brien (Go Ahead and Kiss Me)

Mackenzie O’Brien grew up in Northern Illinois and has had the nickname “Hummingbird” since the tender age of four. Constantly singing and creating melodies, it’s no surprise that young Mackenzie had her sights set on being a country singer-songwriter right from the get-go. Hummingbird is a befitting nickname for someone who crafts melodies as emotionally evocative and precise as Mackenzie.

Image courtesy of Mackenzie Obrien

Go Ahead and Kiss Me has all of the best elements of country, pop and rock, even featuring an electric guitar solo in the bridge. The song paints a picture of sugar and spice with lyrics to entice. After starting with a washed-out chorus, Mackenzie’s rich, chocolatey alto vocals take the spotlight in the first verse. The tambourine comes in, followed by drums, bass and beautifully dense BVs that lift the listener into the chorus. Sultry vocals and lilting country melodies combine with cheeky lyrics to produce the ultimate hook about getting that kiss that’ll “Make History”. With sassy slides and country flicks up into head voice, we get this audaciousness in the melody that has been carefully crafted to match the song’s lyrical intent.

Mackenzie’s vocals can only be described as sweet and sassy at the same time – she has this syrupy sweet tone with a slight huskiness that leaves us wanting more. The song ends with the sound of puckered lips, which is the perfect way to end the song.

There’s no doubt about it: Mackenzie O’Brien’s music is good for the soul, but why take my word for it? Go Ahead And Listen to her music, and you won’t be disappointed.

Image courtesy of Mackenzie Obrien


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