Jesse Lynn Madera

Jesse Lynn Madera

I had the privilege of speaking with Jesse Lynn on our show, The Dcap, about her career, music and more. She is certainly very bright and full of energy. Attributes that are evident in her passion for music. I personally love her country roots, style, and sound; and I believe we will hear much more from Jesse Lynn in the next few years.

Bright-eyed blonde singer/songwriter Jesse Lynn Madera blends her poetic country/soul/american infused music with her poetic words of wisdom. The Nashville based musician is hoping to catch the attention of country, soul, and jazz loving individuals around the globe with her upcoming daring EP “Come Visit Soon,” which became available on streaming platforms on Tuesday, June 18th. Having performed this year at The Key West Songwriter’s Festival, the fresh-faced, bright-eye songstress has built a strong reputation for herself in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles, due to her soulful live performances.

Hailing from the rolling hills of West Virginia, Madera’s love for music grew out of a family affinity for all things harmonious. With household gatherings often centering around song and expression, her unique musical upbringing aided in driving her passion for performance. Mentored in piano by renowned father of Rock ‘n’ Roll,Johnnie (“B. Goode”) Johnson, Madera takes pride in the instrument having remained a constant in her journey as an artist and in her music. The stunning creative tookup a fascination with poetry around the same time, and it is this love for the written word which led her first to theater and then to music. Following her musical education at NYU, Jesse Lynn Madera has gone on to release two breathtaking albums to date, with a third set for release this summer.

Championed by husband and versatile actor Hemky Madera (“Queen of the South”),Jesse’s charismatic songs have attracted a diverse group of people who continue to seek music from the up-and-coming artist. With tracks smoothly intertwining the deep emotion of jazz with the cool, humble songwriting of American soul, Jesse’sfolk-tinged country melodies in “Come Visit Soon” stand as an impressive addition to a profoundly eloquent musical catalog.

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