Interview with Nick Brown

Music Industry During Covid-19– An Interview with Nick Brown

By: Annie Brown

Nick Brown is a 21-year-old artist who classifies himself as a singer/songwriter and performing artist. He embodies the sound of artists like Ed Sheeran, LAUV, and Shawn Mendez, all musicians who have inspired him and his career the most. He recently moved from Folsom, CA to Los Angeles to focus on his music career, but unfortunately had to quarantine soon after moving. He has always loved music but found his love for performing in high school while participating in classical choir, jazz choir, theater productions, and acapella groups. Nick is also a self-taught guitar player. Through this and his singing experience, he started writing and performing at every possible opportunity. He has been performing multiple nights a week at different venues across the Sacramento area with over 40 original songs, and roughly 70 more in the works. His favorite performance was at VocalizeU, an artist development intensive, where he got the chance to play an original song, just him and his guitar, in a 300-person theater. “I got a standing o from a bunch of music industry people. It was a lot of fun”, Nick said. His overall goal in music is to make an impact and affect people’s lives in a positive way. With his music being about his real-life experiences, his main goal is to have the messages in his songs help others who are going through or have gone through, the same situations. He said, overall, “I just want to make people feel something”. 

Keep on the lookout for Nick Brown on the main stages, and becoming a pop sensation in the next couple of years. To find out more about his upcoming shows and announcements, and just to show support, follow him on Instagram at

Q- How has Covid-19 affected you as a musician? 

A- “Obviously I haven’t been able to play shows with people due to social distancing, however, I will say that it has given me much more time to work on the songwriting and the songcraft aspect of it.”

Q- As a musician, are there any benefits of being quarantined?

A- “I kind of tied into it before, but it gives busy musicians time to take a step back, decompress, and really analyze what they are feeling which allows them to kind of connect to their songwriting, hopefully on a deeper level.” 

Q- What are the drawbacks of being quarantined?

A- “The main drawback of being quarantined for musicians is simply lack of opportunities to perform for others. Live performance is a giant part of whats makes music so great, and being deprived of that can definitely take its toll. 

Q- To you, what is the most important thing to take advantage of during quarantine?

A- “Its most important to take advantage of the – I don’t want to say time off because obviously it’s not a ‘time off’ situation. We are all kind of trapped inside – but just taking advantage of this time when we’re not allowed to be outside and shift your perspective from being trapped to being able to focus on your songcraft.”

Q- What have you learned about yourself and your music during this time?

A- “I’ve noticed that I have been able to get more honest in my songwriting, as opposed to just like telling happy little stories, I’m able to actually get down to what matters. Yeah, so I am able to increase the honesty of my music.”

Q- What do you miss about performing? 

A- “Being able to actually interact with people in the middle of songs. Just all the little fun stuff that you do in between or joking in between songs. Just joking with the crowd, I miss that.” 

Q- What advice would you give to other musicians struggling right now?

A- “Hang in there, it’s only temporary. Don’t freak out. Keep your head about you and we will make it through together.”

Q- Have you had any opportunities to perform? 

A- “Fortunately I got the chance to be part of an online collective of singer/songwriters dedicated to keeping up the creativity through all of this craziness. Through that, I’ve been able to write quite a bit with new and unique writers around the world.”

Q- With the possibility of venues closing, what do you see happening when this is all over? 

A- “I definitely can tell that there will be a big shift in the way that everyone consumes music. I personally think that a lot of online, high-production quality, live performances from big names will be coming out soon.” 

Q- When the quarantine is over, what are you looking forward to doing? 

A- “The main thing I’m looking forward to is just spending time with all of my friends that I haven’t been able to see in months” 


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