Green Day BBC Sessions Album Review

Before you listen to the album, the cover of this album gives you an idea of what this album is about. The cover shows younger Green Day (in the 90’s) in black and white with a few muted colors to make the album have a bit of a pop to it. The three band members are the sole focus of the album cover and that is heavily reflected in the album’s sound. On Green Day’s previous live albums “Bullet in a Bible” and “Awesome as F***!” the sounds of the audience are more than abundant to hear. This live album, however, has no cheering audience, leaving this to be the most intimate live album from Green Day.

The list of songs in this album includes 16 songs from their four performances at Maida Vale Studios from 1994-2001 ranging from lesser-known songs from their pre-Dookie success such as “2000 Lightyears Away” from the Kerplunk! album, to their hit “Minority” from their 2001 album Warning. With each of the four performances, Green Day has demonstrated how much they have matured as a band within that time frame. They went from being snot-nosed “Basket Cases”, with crass lyrics, to being just a bit more mature musicians who want to be “the minority”. 

This album is a breath of fresh air and refreshes an old sound that long-time fans might have missed from that era of Green Day. If you’re a die-hard fan, especially of their pre-American Idiot material, this is a must-have album. 

Author: Selena

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