Free of Outrageous

Free of Outrageous

To be a content creator on any platform you have to be the same. No one is being creative, you have unboxing videos, reaction videos, and story time videos. The videos that appeal to the viewer are boring and a waste of time. There is one content creator that makes content new exciting and creative.

Ali Spagnola is a YouTuber that creates music, mostly cover songs. She is experimental with her covers she posted a video called “what if Baby Shark was by Lady Gaga?” Baby Shark is a children’s song that Ali remixed by using Lady Gaga’s style of music and she shows the viewer how she creates the song and also creates a small music video to go along with it.

She also uses popular artists as inspirations for her what-if cover videos. She turned a Tik Tok song called Roxan and turned it into another Lady Gaga song. She did a cover song of Oliva Rodregos’s song Drivers license and turned it into a blink 182 song. She also created a Post Malone song using the style of Britney Spears.

Ail Spagnola also has created her own albums “The Ego,” “Ali Spagnola,” “Free of Style,” and “WAP (cast of Glee style)” she also made a video about that. She also puts on live shows that are controversial, turning her shows into a drinking game. No other artist has done that she also played her shows at house parties in college towns.

Ail Spagnola 362K subscribers with 635 videos. Some reinvented music with the question of what if. Some outargue videos like “I turned my car into a giant chia pet,” She also has another YouTube channel Fitness Outrageous. She is doing what no content creator has done before be herself. With all the content creators out there who are playing it safe. Take tips from Ail Spagnola think outside of the box.

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