Enrique Iglesias

Final (Vol.1) Review

By Madison Chimack

Edited By: Ley Montijo

Enrique Miguel Iglesias, son of Julio Iglesias, is well known to the world as the Spanish heartthrob and best selling Spanish artist of the decades. An artist who is still relevant in the music industry, with his many albums, he is one of the most versatile artists in the Latin community. Enrique has given us much Pop with “Enrique” and “Escape”, to Rock and Pop with his album “7”, and even Electronica with “Euphoria”, and much more versatility with his many other singles. Today you can witness a lot of Latin influenced Pop and Rag-stone with his latest, “Final (Vol.1)”. It has been a long time since Enrique Iglesias has blessed us with a new album.

Enrique’s new album “Final (Vol.1).” has been making such a great return for the decade, with some songs in English, like “Chasing the Sun”, “Unwell”, “All About You”. These songs are a nice collective vibe contributing to the new wave of music. Some songs remind you of music you would hear from other amazing artists such as Sugar Ray, and even Will Smith. With very emotional songs that every one can relate to, Enrique makes breaking up seem like a breeze! This album also features some of the best collaborative songs, featuring Pitbull, Nicky Jams, Myke Towers, Farruko, Wism, and even Bad Bunny. The Reggaeton beats really inhibit you to stay still; you have to move and dance. All the song titles are all in caps except for “El Perdon”, as if there is a great emphasis, and excitement behind this tropical, soothing music. This album is the perfect blend of both soft Pop and hard Reggaeton.

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